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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Hampers 20.08.15

Two days ago, just as we were about to close the office for the day, we received an order that made us go all wide eye in panic and wonder. Our new site design had just gone up and silly us had forgot to put in a word limit for the gift message part. Of course, somebody just have to put an order in and take advantage of the unlimited new gift message box - they practically wrote an essay of a gift card message! Seriously, I copied and pasted it into a word document and it was over a page long.

Imagine our horror as we try to figure out how to fit that such a long message onto a label which could fit our small hand sized gift cards and still maintain readability. Thankfully, with some clever use of old shipping labels and some fiddling with page sizing on the printer and word document, we manage to fit the long message onto two labels and stick it into both sides of the inside of a gift card. It actually looked pretty professional, me thinks.

The hamper, a Great Taste Award Chrome, would be leaving us today and we hope the recipient in Derbyshire would enjoy this extra long message the sender composed for them.

2400030 ChromeThe next hamper was an order our Irish branch received.

503449 Artisan Fayre DuoIt's an Artisan Fayre Duo, and according to the details our Irish team gave us, it was ordered by a customer named Paul and it's delivered to a recipient named.... Paul? Oh wait, I see! Paul normally resides in Penn, but he is travelling to the Ring of Kerry on a trip. This is a gift that is to arrive in the Ring of Kerry while he is there. I wonder if he is planning to surprise somebody with it or something. Coincidentally, my parents are actually visit the same area this week as well.  Apparently it's really beautiful!

Now, I was going to write about a Great Taste Award Gold Hamper as the last feature hamper on today's hamper blog. In fact, I even have the pictures taken and notes written on my dispatch table to cover this hamper. But just as I was about to walk away from the warehouse, I spotted this beauty:

803046 CYO HamperIt's a Customer Creation Hamper! Okay, let's forget the Gold hamper feature today, and skip right over to this fancy new one (sorry Gold! I'll be back for another blog another day!) since I'm sure we had covered enough of the Gold for you all to recognise it by image already - that being said, we're going through a redesign of the range so keep your eyes peeled for a NEW Great Taaste Award Gold cropping up in the very near future.

This customer creation - my, it has it all. A girly magazine, salmon, salami, drinks, cookies, crackers, olives, preserves, spreads, CHEESE and chocolates! And according to the gift message, this hamper would not be all the recipient would be getting. It hints that there is a second gift along the way! Oh my! Janice in London must feel so spoiled when she signs for two presents tomorrow!

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