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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Hampers 13.08.15

How many of you strolled into the kitchen this morning, looked at the food cupboards and fridge and then mind-groaned at the prospect of thinking up what to have for breakfast? Sometimes, you just get in that mood where you can't figure out what to have for breakfast as everything seems like it's too much effort for your freshly out of bed brain to handle. If you know somebody who suffers from this, how about thinking of this hamper?

725726 Breakfast BasketThe Breakfast Basket! Breakfast is solved for a certain recipient in Southampton. There is tea, coffee and juice, a selection of preserves and spreads, toffee waffles, biscuits and muffins as well. It may not be a full English breakfast but sometimes, you just want to sit down and eat something easy to have with a cuppa, instead of slaving in front of a stove to cook those eggs, bacons and whatnots. If only somebody would send ME this hamper now. Then my breakfast would be sorted.... for about one morning (the curse of living with a large family where food is a free-for-all event)

The hamper is the Mega Cheesy hamper.

503479 Mega Cheesy DuoThis hamper was actually create during the Christmas season last year. But it was popular enough for us to put it into our year-round range. Filled with yummies like pate, salami stick, crackers, preserves, biscuits and four different kind of cheeses, it's like the perfect cheesy snack feast. Cheese with crackers, cheese with preserves and crackers, cheese with pate and crackers, cheese with ham, cheese with salami - the combinations is endless! Perfect for cheese fans like Grainne in Galway who would be receiving this tomorrow.

The last hamper I want to talk about today is actually a really special one. We received a special request from a company to make a customised hamper for them. In the past, we had included items such as tennis balls, I think a foot ball once, iTune gift cards, tissue rolls, Kindle, special note pads and such, but it is the first time we had golfballs in a hamper! Yes, golfballs! Not just the standard run of the mill golf balls that you can get in any sports shop either. They want professional golfballs! Thank goodness our head office is just round the corner for at least two golf shops and they had all the professional goodies for us to pick from.

Golfball CYO

They also requested black pudding, white pudding and whisky as well, so we had to contact our sister site Ciseain Go Leor (Baskets Galore IE) to stock some for us. Just make sure you don't drink it on the green! That would be one wobbly tee off and you wouldn't want to lose these golf balls with an wayward drive, right?

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