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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Hampers 06.08.15

Okay,first photo of the day, first dispatch blog of the day and I had made a blunder. What blunder?

Cheesy Sunshine x 3Three lovely Cheesy Sunshines, ready to be photographed. They look normal, yes? What did I do? Er.....

Cheesy Sunshine x 3 Balloon

Yeah..... I messed up and accidentally pulled out a balloon from one of them and couldn't remember which one it belonged to. Is it the order going to Gill and Tony in Kingsbridge? The one on the top right which was going to Terry in Kettering Northants? Or maybe the one on the left which is going to Kellymarie in Dublin?

Thankfully, after a bit of investigative work and a short spree of panicking, I did actually found out which basket it was to go with. It was Kellymarie's basket! It's sent to congratulate her on the 'newest addition' to their family. Okay, I'm glad I didn't mess that up! Though honestly the base basket is all the same, the balloon is the only addition different. I could have stuck the balloon in any of the tree and just make sure it gets attached to the right paperwork and it would still work. See this is why I should not be let out into the warehouse before I got my cup of tea in the day!

Blunder aside, let's move onto the other hampers.

725627 Champagne Chocolatising SensationHere is a Champagne Chocolatising Sensation hamper. We do have a lot in our chocolate range but they are more baskets than hampers. So to see one that is specifically a chocolate hamper coming through the line is a bit less common. This one comes with a bottle of bubbly to add on to that extra luxury factor.  The customer also noted in the order that the package could be left with a neighbour in the event that the recipient was not at home at the time of delivery. We always make sure that customers know that we will certainly mark the instructions on the package and pass on the message as much as we could to the couriers, but as we are not the driver himself, we cannot guarantee the instructions are followed to the T. I would say 90% of the time though, they are followed.

The last hamper I want to talk about today is the good ol' never-can-go-wrong Great Taste Award Bronze hamper.

725611 GTA Bronze Duo

I was actually rather proud of the way I laid out this hamper for photography. It's looks rather cute, right? Usually I put the items around the front, but this time I put them to the side, alongside out hamper lids and it made it look surprisingly photogenic. Today's Bronze hamper was ordered by a man in Virginia, US, and it's going with his thoughts to the Raymond and Brenda in Devon. According to his message, he can't wait to make a 'great trek' from the UK to visit them. Sounds like somebody's summer holiday plans are sorted!

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