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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 27.08.15

With Andrea posting that it's National 'Just Because' Day today, it suddenly shed the light on this particular gift basket I saw sitting on the countertops.

2400105 Ancient YorkIt's an Ancient York gift basket and what stood out to me about this basket today was the gift message. It started with wishing the recipient a 'Happy Normal Day' then went on to say that the senders, Chris and Sarah actually had no reason behind sending this basket. They just wanted to send it and show their love for Samantha in Kilmacolm. I wonder if they are aware of today being National 'Just Because Day' or not. If they did, then they are certainly doing grand in following its meaning. If not then that is some very lucky coincidence!

Next along the line, we see a very different pair of baskets.

7906608 & 1200891 Mummy Daddy &  Me CelebrationsMummy, Daddy and Me Celebration gift baskets! The left is for a baby boy recently born in Ranelagh, Ireland. It came with instructions for the driver to deliver it via the side entrance of the building only and they must call a certain phone number when they arrive. It sounds to me like somebody is trying to sneak a basket into the office without the recipient knowing!

The baby girl basket on the right would off to congratulate the start of a new adventure for a family in Chelmsford, UK. The sender also noted in their gift message that they are looking forward to seeing them all in Sri Lanka next year too! That is going to be an adventure all right! I think the plane journey alone with a then-one-year-old child would be an adventure in itself. Let's hope the little princess is a bit like Andrea's little Rowan who (from what I heard) seems like a perfect angel on the plane.

Last up for today's blog, I chose the Ultimate Indulgence gift basket.

2400093 Ultimate IndulgenceCan anybody say mega pamper basket for one? Because this is exactly what it is. Drinking chocolate. normal chocolates, fancy chocolates, candle, masks, magazine, DVD, nibbles, lotions and all in a luxurious white shopper basket with gorgeous purple shred. The lucky mummy who would be getting this in Cirencester is going to be one pampered lady by the end of the day!



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