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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 25.08.15

I had a great fun picking a gift baskets today as there is quite few going out today. So I picked 3 of my favourites and they all are for people who are celebrating them Birthdays tomorrow.

So let's start with the youngest recipient in St Ives, Cornwall. Jamie is celebrating his 16th Birthday tomorrow. Congratulations Jamie, finally you can legally buy a lottery ticket and drive a moped :) He is getting Super 16th Birthday Basket from his sister who is in New York at the moment. It's a lovely gift basket full of chocolates and sweets as well with big chocolate cake and Happy Birthday candles.

Super 16th Birthday Basket Super 16th Birthday Basket

Second basket for birthday celebrations is Sweet Nostalgia being dispatched today to York, UK sent by friends in San Diego who are making plans to visit on Christmas time. This gift basket filled old fashioned favourites such as chocolate honeycomb, liquorice, fudge, and old fashioned lemonade.

Sweet Nostalgia Sweet Nostalgia

Life Begins Basket is being dispatched today to Beverly in UK for Mary's 90th Birthday. Such a lovely gift to receive. While talking a picture I noticed that mug included in a basket was too informal and not appropriate for a lady celebrating 90th Birthday. So instead we upgraded a mug to an porcelain inspirational message mug which we thought was more suitable. Message on a mug says "Into Each Day Put One Teaspoon of Good Spirits, Dash Of Fun, Pinch of Folly, Heap Full of Laughter"

Life Begins Birthday Life Begins Birthday
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