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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 20.08.15

"Though you were choosing to ignore this day, I just couldn't let it pass by without notice."

That was the start of the gift card message of the first basket (a Red Hot Lava) I saw today and I had a right giggle. Hand sup here how many of you just want birthdays to be passed silently and without a fuss? I certainly do! Well... actually, I always hope for it to slip by unnoticed until it's nearer the day and I start caving in and think 'Actually, it would be rather nice if...', by which time it is too close to the day to get anything mind-blowing planned. Hopefully, the recipient, Mick (from Cork) is like this too, and when his hamper arrives at his doorstep, he would appreciate Kathleen's thoughts and would be pleasantly surprised and overjoyed.

7906577 & 1001794 Red Hot LavasNext to his basket is, another identical one. This one being winged off to London to Claire as a thank you for her hard work. The sender also wishes to let her know that Claire is 'rockin'.

Next, we have two cuddly gift baskets. The first is a Hug You Better basket.

2400042 Hug You BetterLook at how cute that balloon is! I didn't even know we have heart shaped get well balloons! I would love to receive one.... well actually, my cats hates balloons so maybe I don't really want to receive one lest I really want to freak my cat out (he also hates onesies with animal ears on their hoods, he gets very confused as to why there is suddenly a giant animal in the house) But anyways, enough about my cat and onto this basket. It's sent by Maria in Sheffield, with lots of kisses to let Susan know that she is loved 'to the moon and back' (awwww) and she hope Susan gets well soon.

The last basket I want to talk about is this one:

2400052 World Greatest GirlfriendIt's a World's Greatest Girlfriend/Wife basket. Today it's going to a greatest girlfriend in London. It contains heart shaped marshmallows, pampery lotions, a pouch of melting chocolate to drink in her brand new mug and also a bunny cuddly companion who looked like it would be delighted to shared little chocolate piglets with her. We hope you like it, Holly!


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