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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 13.08.15

My cousin's little one is turning one year old tomorrow and she is half looking forward to it and half wondering would she able to get any sleep tonight in between worrying about birthday party plans and taking care of her little sulky princess. I may not be a mother but having three younger siblings of my own and countless little cousins, I am very aware that you get very limited sleep during the first few years of a new baby's life.

So upon reading this gift message for Karen in Meath, I cannot help but nod in understanding.

7906550 Nature Pure Baby BoyThe sender, Marie, is sending this Nature Pure Baby Basket (Baby Boy) to congratulate Karen on the new arrival of baby Nathan and instruct Karen to sneak in all the five minute naps she could because she is going to need. Yes, do it Karen. You will need it!

Next up, we have this gorgeous birthday hamper which is currently sitting on the worktop in our Irish branch.

7906549 Bonanza 40, 50 or 60th Birthday

Wow! This is the Bonanza 40th, 50th or 60th Birthday Basket. It like the standard 40th, 50th, 60th Basket but with additional contents. Doesn't it just look like the birthday birthday surprise? And surprise it would be as well. The customer included a note saying that this is a surprise gift. We always make sure to tell customers that they should ensure somebody is home to receive the package before they send especially when food items are involved. You don't want them to miss the delivery and then the food to sit in the courier warehouse for longer than it should. Thankfully, the customer this time understands this and whilst she wants to keep it a surprise as much as possible, she gave full permission for the driver to contact the recipient and arrange for a safe place to leave it if they were not in at the time of delivery.

Continuing with the birthdays,  we also have a Birthday Party leaving out depot for Stanmore today.

725736 Birthday Party

It's from Keeshai in Paranaque, Philippines, and it's addressed to the 'nicest and most gentleman guy' she knows. D'aaaw, isn't that sweet? The gentleman is going to be in for a whopper of a birthday treat. There's cake, nutty snacks, chocolates, muffins, crackers. cheese and many more in this basket. All set for a summer birthday party, I say.

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