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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 10.08.15

I'm sure my face lit up when I saw the number of Create Your Own Gift Basket orders we had going today, as they are just my favourite ones to photograph and write about. Each CYO order is unique you see, so we get to talk about a brand new creation.

We even had 2 twin CYO orders today, as in exactly the same not for twins (although we do have actual baskets for twin babies too!) They were placed by the same person & going to the nursing homes in Glasnevin she had worked for but was now moving on from.  She wanted to thank them for a wonderful send off and to tell them she will miss them all very much. We think the staff members sharing these beautiful creations will really appreciate it.

503475.7 CYO


The next customised basket to catch my eye was this fun & playful gift. Delivery was directly to our customer in Chelmsford and so there was no gift card message with it. When this happens we can only guess what the occasion must be. My bet is that it's a birthday gift for twin brothers, as there were 2 'train in a tin' sets, 2 chocolate medals and 2 stunt kite kits. Completed by 1 larger tabletop football game set to play together.

803032 CYO

The next gift basket drew my attention as it had special request items in it, in the form of specific cheese types. This basket was for delivery within our very own town, but our customer in the US had emailed us to request Danish Blue Cheese & Blue Stilton. We combined these with one of our own strong cheddar's, crackers and grapes to create this lovely, unqiue cheesey thank you gift basket.

725639 CYO


Finally my 4th pick for today (as you know I can rarely stick to only 3 of each) is a new breed of Create Your Own Gift Basket. Currently we have a CYO site for food, pamper and fun items and then a separate site dedicated to creating your own baby basket. Lynne decided to add a "Baby Gifts" section to our CYO site as more and more customers were requesting a predominantly food filled gift basket, but with a few items for baby. This has proven to be a hit already with our first hybrid Baby/Food created online by a company in Canada. We think you'll agree it really looks the part & we hope baby Emma & her parents in Twickenham enjoy it.

CYO baby themed 803027

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