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Baskets Galore Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Baskets 20.08.15

Righto, lets start of today's daily dispatch post for Fruit & Flowers with the ever elegant, ever colourful and ever popular Flowers & Treats basket.

7906570 Flower & Treats

This one is going to Olivia in Dublin and it’s from Kim (and all the Jan Mammies). The gift message doesn’t exactly hint of a particular occasion though so we can only wonder and guess. It is times like these where we are eternally grateful for our card collection. We have birthday cards, get well cards, sympathy cards, thank you cards and a whole range of neutral cards that could fit all occasions. No more fussing and worrying about putting the message in a wrong type of card like the past – do you know how hard it is to use up a stack of cards where the front message is ‘Born to shop’ when we don’t even know if the recipient is a shop-a-holic or not?

I seems to be admiring all the gift messages today for the post. I can’t help it. It’s actually my favourite part of the processing team’s job – reading the message and picking out an appropriate card to match it. I spotted this line in the gift message on this basket earlier:

7906574 Fruit Oasis

“PS I decided against the bunch of balloons -but I was tempted! Love, Eileen”

In my personal opinion, Eileen, rest assured, you have made a terrific choice. This Fruit Oasis basket is beautiful! I would love a gift basket over a bunch of balloons any day! I wonder what does that say about me – that I would much rather satisfy my tummy than I am my urge to celebrate? I don’t even know what I’d do with a bunch of balloons. It will just sit in the corner of my room and scare my cat mercilessly because he is silly and is terrified of balloons.

The next basket had a very strict instruction from a loving son to his father.

725768 Cheesy Trio & Fruit

Simon would like to wish his father, Reginald (in Yelverton) a great birthday and also that Reginald was not to eat the contents of this Cheesy Trio and Fruit basket all at once! A mighty difficult task, that one! We hope Reginald is up for the birthday challenge.

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