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Baskets Galore Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Baskets 13.08.15

We had already wrote a blog about summer berries once, and how we are limited in which berries we could send and which we couldn’t. Well, this morning we got a call in from a customer and she wants to change all the fruit to organic fruit! And not only that, she wants us to make it even more extravagant by including some gorgeous summer berries.

Please note, that there are some berries we cannot send in our basket. Experience had told us that they are too soft and often arrive into the recipient’s hands a bit squashed looking.

For example, the customer wanted raspberries, but that is definitely one we cannot send. Not only are they too soft, but they could easily be ruined during transit. From my own personal experience, I remember buying raspberries in the supermarket for myself, stash them in a fridge for one night and the next day they come out not tip top shape. Something about them just aren’t made to sitting unconsumed for long it seems. That being said, I just picked the icky ones out of my box, give the good raspberries a wash and gobbled them up nonetheless, but not everybody could stomach that and as a gift, presentation is everything.

However, the customer was very eager to include berries and so we came to an experimental compromise. We had informed her there are really some we cannot send (raspberries) but we can try with some other types. Here is the finished basket:

We tried, but we really cannot put the trays of berries in without risking something crushing them. Thankfully, we came up with a brilliant new idea:

Seal the fruit trays, decorate with ribbons and send it in a separate flat box with the basket! We think it’s a genius move.

One of the berries that we have no problems sending though, are blueberries. Like the ones in this Birthday Fruit, Cheese & Nuts basket.

1104436 Birthday Fruit, Cheese & Nuts

It’s going to Geoff in London and was ordered by Peter and Pam in the US. The blueberries travel well, and they always go in their own box with a decorative ribbon. Yes, I know you can’t really see it well because gravity have the blueberries piled up at one end of the blueberry tray but you can kinda see it…. I guess I could pull it out and take a proper picture of it, but I had learnt that touching the fruit in a fruit basket is like playing jenga blocks. One wrong move and things will topple. In this case, topple would result in bruised fruit. Not risking that! (Also, the disappointed face Katarzya might give me makes me feel as if I just ruined a legendary piece of art instead of a fruit basket)

Keeping up with the customised baskets theme, we had another fruit basket going which was a customer creation. Sometimes, you just don’t know what something looks like until you put it together, this really applied to this particular fruit basket. The customer ordered all these items but the end result, whilst good looking, just seem to be missing something… some kind of… pizzazz. So we sent Lynne out to cast her expert eye on the basket. A few minutes later, a slight rearrangement and some additional complimentary leftover fruit later, it’s been jazzed up to something truly special.

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