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Baskets Galore Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Baskets 06.08.15

We also have a pretty big fruit basket leaving our warehouse today.

725580 Pick Me Up for HerLook at how big it is! It's the Pick Me Up for Her gift basket and tt's stuffed with fruit, snacks, pamper products, entertainment and even a balloon and Hoagie bear! Poor Hoagie looks like it's a very snug fit in there. No worries, Hoagie, once you arrived in Catherine's hands in London, we are sure you will be freed and won't have chocolates and fruit squishing against your cuddly belly any more.

Here's another sizeable fruit basket, this time leaving our Ireland branch.

Take a look at the zoom in photo of that cute fruit. Doesn't it look like a heart? Isn't that so cute? Not only that but buried underneath all the fruit is a bottle of champagne which makes this basket live up to its names of Fruits, Cheese & Nuts Celebration. This one was sent by Taylor's parents from New Zealand with lots of love - very appropriate considering the shape of the fruit - I think it's a plum?

Our last basket for this section that I wish to talk about is the Flowers & Treats basket.

725616 Flowers & TreatsYes, I know, we've covered it before. No, in fact, I've covered it in my blog more than a few times myself.But what can I say, it's supremely popular and is just so perfect for all different kinds of gifting occasions. Today, we had a variety of yellow, pink and orange-reddish flowering plants to accompany this basket with. I'm not sure which one the packaging team chose to send with the basket it in the end, but I personally found the yellow plant looked exceptionally fetching beside the basket. It give of this really cheery summery feel - now if only our good ol' British weather would do the same. We hope this basket would bring a ray of sunshine to the recipient, Judy's birthday tomorrow!


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