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A Day in the Life of a Baskets Galore Customer Service Advisor 12.08.15

How I Helped a customer today (E.g. Amend an order, find address, redirect delivery, rectify etc.)

As you all now we have live chat on our website, so you can get in touch with us on a real time. I had one live chatter earlier today. She wanted to order 50th Birthday present for a colleague. She asked me if I can make any suggestions for her, my answer was ,’of course, no problem at all’. I needed to know more of what kind on basket she would like, for example sweet, savoury, with wine, without wine, for male/female and of course budget. So she wanted something savoury and sweet combined, no wine, and there was one important condition, it had to be nut free products as recipient is allergic to nuts. After long conversation on our live chat we made a decision, she decided to go with our Artisan Scran hamper and replace items containing nuts with nut free products. Kate and I worked it out which products in the basket contained nuts and with which items it can be replaced. We had to replace Skelligs truffles with afternoon tea sweets and liquorice pipes, all butter shortbread with lemon shortbread, milk chocolate piglets with rhubarb vanilla sweets and jelly beans, and pack of forest feast nuts has been replaced with toffee waffles.

Artisan Scran (Nut free) Artisan Scran (Nut free)

Something Nice/Rewarding that happened today (E.g. Nice feedback, helped with a Gift Basket?)

It’s very rewarding to get a nice feedback from customers that you personally dealt with/helped. Continuing the same story about nut free gift basket. Our customer was very happy with these substitutions, we took quick photo of the basket as well and sent it over to her, she was delighted and said ‘I can’t thank you enough for all your help with this order’. Another happy customer! ;)

Something Difficult/ Frustrating that happened today (E.g. Delivery problem, cut off time? )

FullSizeRender (5)We made a lovely special request basket today. Basket made up with fresh red and green grapes, sea salt and mustard crackers and specially sourced for this order stilton cheese, strong cheddar cheese and Danish blue cheese. All wrapped up and looking beautifully. I noticed that delivery is local and very close to my home, so I volunteered to deliver this myself. Once I went there saw a note on a door for a postman, saying that they are on holiday. So we have no idea when they are coming back, I contacted the sender immediately advising of the problem, we are still waiting on the reply. Frustrating thing is that we have to unwrap and unpack this lovely gift basket now as we don’t know when we will be able to redeliver it and all items must be kept in cold storage.


Something Funny that happened today (E.g. Funny customer/request? )

downloadAs you all know we check every delivery address before dispatch. I actually spent more then a half an hour for one Irish address (Irish addresses are always difficult as they doesn’t have postcodes). It was 12 Spider View, Dublin. Only thing that came up in Google was fun videos with Spider Man in Dublin or shows with Spider Man in it. While looking everywhere still couldn’t find anything similar to Spider View, I had to give up on Spider Man and contacted the sender in Brazil. He get back to us day later apologising for mistake, it was just a little spelling mistake, address was 12 Spire view, Dublin. So this is my fun adventure with Spider Man :)

Today’s best reason for sending a Gift Basket (E.g. or gift message if not too personal)

One of the reasons that people say thank you for. This is a cutest, nicest thank you message ever!!!  'Thank you for carrying our son for the last 9 months, I know its been difficult and painful, but it will be worth it when we have our lovely baby boy in our arms, love you lots like jelly tots, Ste xxxxxxxx'


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