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1st Day At Nursery - Wonderful or Worrisome?

Was it just me or did it seem to get dark really early last night? Our heating even kicked in so it must have been a bit chilly too. Then this morning I was woken by pouring rain. We didn't really get much of a summer and it seems like what little we did have of it is almost over.

My nieces also start back to school tomorrow which is another sure sign! The older one (Annabel) is starting P3, and the younger one (Katherine) is starting nursery for the first time and is ever so excited about it. My good friend is a teacher and was back at the start of the week, where did July & August go? And more importantly where did our babies go? It seems like no time at all since Annabel was starting nursery and now it's her little sisters turn. My son (Rowan) is going to be 2 years old in October & the time has just flown by. The next thing I'll know it will be him starting nursery. If he's anything like his dad he'll take it all in his stride though apparently & happily wave mummy off so he can play with his friends.

Katherine is looking forward to going and she'll have Lynne with her for the first few days. She still carries her favourite toys around with her & it made me wonder if you are still allowed to bring a toy to nursery these days? One of her favourite toys is actually "teddy" who is a little comforter blankie from BasketsGalore. I remember leaving my panda bear, "Pandy" behind at nursery and crying my eyes out that night. 

Kat with Teddy Blankie

Have you any little ones starting school or nursery for the first time? Or how did they got on when they did start, ready to rock or slow & shy? I came across some lovely "Going To Nursery" books you can get your child to explain what will happen & thought that was a great idea.

By the end of the year they tend to absolutely love it & I remember Lynne organising a lovely thank you present for the teachers.

I'm confident Katherine is going to love going too, if anything just to get away from Rowan saying everything is "Rowan's" or "Mine" when they play together at nanny's house!

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