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World Chocolate Day At BasketsGalore

If ever we needed an excuse to indulge in our favourite comfort food, today gives everyone the perfect opportunity! Yes it's 'World Chocolate Day' and I thought I would like to invite some new ideas from anyone who has tried something different. I myself believe that anticipation is key to enjoyment, so instead of just stuffing myself with bars of chocolate I like to make something which I can look forward to enjoying with my loved ones.

July is here and barbeques are flavour of the month. One treat for dessert of ours was always putting bananas on the BBQ after all the other savoury things had been cooked. These are just thrown on with the skins still intact and they go black as we are eating. When this happens just slit them sideways and insert some chocolate. A couple of squares, or several, or a Lindor milk chocolate or two, works wonders as it melts into the gooey banana and makes a terrific pudding with no effort at all!  For anyone who doesn't like bananas what about some vanilla ice-cream into which some Skelligs Mint Chocolate has been grated- mmm!  Once when we had some Lindt Truffles about to go out of date we melted them down,  got some strawberries, and had a wonderful fondue. Mind you it was a little bit messy in the office but simply delicious!

Lynne's daughters have a spoonful of chocolate spread on their Weetabix for breakfast.  It really helps them to eat it too!  I know there are a whole lot of other chocolatey cereals on the market but she likes the fact that they are getting their roughage as well.  They love putting melted chocolate onto cup-cakes and decorating them with coloured sprinkles.  This takes up a whole day (usually a wet one) as the morning envolves the actual baking, and after lunch, when the cup-cakes are cooling, they can decorate them- by far their  favourite bit.  On both occasions they have to sample the mixture, of course, just to check it tastes ok you know!

Now a days there are so many chocolate products besides the simple bars and boxes, BasketsGalore also provides a huge selection of these which you can see on our Create You Own Gift Basket site.  From Sweet Boutique Chocolate Lollipops, Montezuma Giant Chocolate Buttons, James Chocolate Cows and Pigs, Chocolate Medallions for round your neck, Chocolate Cigars to welcome a new baby, and of course, our famous Exquisite Chocolate Sauce from Ballyshiel. We also provide delicious Ferdia Truffles, Lily O'Brien Pouches and Dessert Chocolates, Lindt Assortments, various bars and Lindor Boxes and our Heavenly Chocolate Covered Mallows. No that really is their name and they certainly live up to it!  Well I hope I have inspired you to get messy and inventive with your chocolate and look forward to hearing about it.

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