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When Will We Get Our Picnic/Barbecue Weather?

When most people hear the word basket, they probably think of a picnic basket &  sitting in the park. Unfortunately this is something we don't get to experience very often here, as even in the summer the weather tends to be a bit rubbish!

As children our family always went on an "Easter Picnic" but more often than not it ended up a wash out, too cold, a no-go to any picnic areas because of Foot & Mouth Disease and we even had snow once or twice - I know snow at Easter time, ridiculous! I must dig out the photo of me trying to pet a little newborn lamb stuck in the snow as proof.

Although we don't offer official picnic baskets here at BasketsGalore i.e those including plates & cutlery, we can provide all the ingredients you might need for one. Popular choices for picnic baskets are those gifts containing snacks such as cheese, crackers, ham, smoked salmon, crisps, fresh fruit, biscuits and chocolates.


We've had a few little spells of good weather, a few days in April and some in June, but so far July hasn't provided much relief. There is always that possibility of rain.  How many of us have had barbecues in the rain? We did just last week at our annual Summer gathering. The sun was splitting the trees earlier in the day, but as soon as 6pm rolled around it clouded over. We had to resort to our friends trusty marquee for the umpteenth time, but at least we can be prepared & not have to call it off. Maybe BasketsGalore should offer a BBQ basket next or the BBQ Alternative Basket! We did used to sell sausages actually so we could bring them back again :)


It's no wonder people in this country seem to embrace every sunny day with such enthusiasm, shedding clothes the minute the sun comes out and that the shops sell out of sausages and bread rolls so quickly in the good weather! ............ BRING IT ON!

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