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Tall Ships Festival 2015

As parents you tend to keep an eye out for fun, family events coming up in your area that you can take the kids to and hopefully keep them entertained for a few hours!

Last weekend Belfast hosted the Tall Ships Festival, running from Thursday 2nd-Sunday 5th July and there was no way you couldn't have heard about it as it was such a HUGE event. The last time the Tall Ships came to Belfast was 2009 & my family also attended then, but mainly for the amazing food stalls and beer tents as this was pre-children! We also had a laugh about Tall Ships 1991 when we all collected tokens from petrol stations to save up for the collectors glasses (see pic below).

Tall Ships 1991 Glasses

Lynne's husband was on call with his job over the weekend so they went up on a week night instead. Andy & I decided to take Rowan up on the Saturday, despite being worried about the crowds. We took the pram up on the train and managed to squeeze on OK. Rowan has a bit of an obsession with trains, namely Percy from Thomas The Tank Engine, and so it was his favourite part of the whole day!

The girls in the office also attended the festival at various stages over the weekend, I even spotted Kate getting some chips at one of the food stalls. As well as eating & drinking you can of course see & even get on board a variety of different vessels and learn all about them. There was a wonderful atmosphere and the good weather really added to the experience. We also checked out the various market stalls selling gifts and souvenirs. When BasketsGalore first started out Lynne & Mum were regulars at a few different markets. I must dig out the photo of mum with all her miniature gift baskets, as obviously selling full size hampers on a stall is more difficult as people can't really carry them!

On the final Sunday morning the Red Arrows performed a display over the lough, before all the Tall Ships sailed down the coast on their way to start their next race. We found this lovely image below of the highlights of the event.

Source: Source:

What events are your towns hosting this year or have you already been to a successful one?

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