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Office Drama Of The Week

Last month we blogged about some workmen setting the fire alarm for our whole Business Park off. Everyone had to be evacuated and wait for the fire brigade to check all was safe before we could get back to work. Thankfully it was a false alarm. Well those pesky workmen have been at it again, only this time things didn't go quite to plan for deactivating the alarm.

Tuesday is my day off & at around 4pm I received a call from Lynne & straight away I could hear the alarm in the background. It turns out the whole Business Parks alarm had been set off once again, but once they got the main alarm off the alarm in our office was still ringing. Lynne & I were confused as normally they all go off at once. But apparently our main warehouse alarm is connected to the overall system and as we built the office ourselves & so it's newer, the alarm in it is independent. Neil who had dealt with the implementation of the alarm was also away on holiday at the time & poor Lynne, Selina and all the BG staff were left trying to find the instruction manual. I logged on at home to access emails & try to find some further information, all while Rowan tried to press the keys and get "Timmy Time" up on YouTube!

Luckily for us Selina had a brainwave and Googled the name of the alarm to see if there was an online manual & hey presto she located the code to turn it off. We were all very proud of her clever thinking and our ears were also VERY relieved, as boy that alarm was loud!



The instruction manual is now safely stowed on the bookcase and instructions are up on the wall in case the workmen decide to set it off again next week!

What problems has Google helped you solve? Apart from finding us as your gift basket supplier of course!

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