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Is The Summer Time Still Wedding Season?

Some of us have been to weddings recently and we got to thinking if it was still the case that most brides chose June, July and August for their wedding or if it was just us here in Britain & Ireland. It used to be that the weather was the main reason for choosing the summer months to facilitate the day with the photographs and also for the honeymoon afterwards. With more and more couples going further afield for honeymoons this reason is not so relevant and we can have bad summer weather too so venues usually provide enough opportunities for photographs inside.

I myself was an August bride and we had beautiful weather which meant that we were able to spend time outside. Andrea was an August bride too and she was also lucky with the weather and got some beautiful photographs with the sea in the background.  Lynne chose July for her wedding and it is actually her 10 year anniversary today (22nd July) which means it is her tin anniversary!  There are not a lot of tin items about and I considered getting her something like a tin of sweets, teacakes or biscuits but eventually settled on a cute bird bath for her garden which incorporated a little metal watering can filling it with water.  I don't think it is actually tin, but it's close enough.  I hope she likes it when she sees it upon her return from holiday!

Maybe we should think about adding a 10 year anniversary tin gift to our range of wedding and anniversary gift baskets, as at the moment the milestone ones tend to start from 25 years (Silver).


Well I've looked up the statistics and it seems over 40% of UK marriages are in the summer months with January being the least popular. The Spring only has a quarter of the summer numbers, but December is fast becoming the biggest riser because of discounted prices and the availability of holiday time off.  I can just picture the winter brides in cute little white fur jackets and maybe the possibility of some snow. Do you know of any Winter brides, did it all go to plan and was there any snow? In the USA the wedding months are spread out much more equally throughout the year with only January and March dropping below average, February is significant possibly because of Valentines Day and June is still the most popular!

Which month did you get married in or do you think it matters much these days?

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