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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Hampers 30.07.15

The first thing I heard this morning when I strolled into the office was the usual cheery 'Morning!' from Roma and Jonny who were the first ones in today. The second thing I heard was 'Kate, do you have the emails open yet? Can you check the top email and see if we can fit the picture into one of our complimentary gift cards?'

Coloured me curious and confused! A picture? I thought. At first, I though that maybe it was a photo. We have had a few orders in the past where the customer wanted to include a photo with their basket and we had printed them onto glossy photo paper and did as instructed. But it's certainly a first time trying to include it onto the gift card! For the grand five minutes it took my computer to wake up for work, I sat and panicked and worried over how to get a photo into a complimentary gift card. The cards are rather medium small in size (about hand size), but we don't have any message sticky labels that could be printed with a photo finish look. The labels I would use tends to get speckles in the image if there is any colour other thank black and white on it. So... how?

Thankfully, once my computer got up and running (and went through what seems like half a dozen updates - yes, one of those mornings), I finally checked email and saw the picture. Oh thank goodness! It was a black and white picture, a small comic strip in fact. That was a LOT easier to print onto sticky message labels for the gift cards.

Needless to say, the rest of us in the office then went all 'oooooooh' as to how thoughtful and cute it was to send a little comic as a gift card message. Now I bet all of your are curious about the image, right? Unfortunately, I don't think it's quite right to share, but I'll let you know what the occasion was. It was for System Administrator Appreciation Day!

1001768 Neue BrunswickAnd this was the hamper the customer chose to send to their System Administrator of choice. It's the Neue Brunswick and is teeming with yummy good. Actually, it's one of our office/team-sharing hampers, so I think the customer is hinting for the recipient to share with the rest of the office as well - hint, hint, nudge, nudge.

Speaking of appreciation, there is nothing that shows your appreciation for somebody as sending them a thank you baskets for the things they had done.

725500 Classic Thank You

This is the Classic Thank You hamper. It was ordered by Charlotte in Filkins, and is set to be delivered to Olomouc, Czech Republic. Wow, that is a quite a big trip for the basket to go! Rest assured, it would be going on the express courier service so its been penned in to be out for delivery tomorrow or the next day (depending on flight times - yes, even packages have to deals with those)

Now, lets go back to a range I haven't covered in a while. Cheesy Sunshine! Weeee!

Cheesy Sunshines x 2

I have to say, they are definitely one of my favourite baskets to group together and take pictures of as a collection of baskets. There is just some kind of image this combination of products make. The packaging always looks so vibrant and... well... top class gourmet! Like it's made up of things that you would find a reeeeeally expensive food market where you only dare sample one little nibble of everything. Well, you won't be sampling a little nibble here. Whole jars, whole packets, whole boxes and whole blocks of cheese! Yum! And tomorrow, Graham in Leeds, and Ray in Gravesend will get these all for themselves. Can someone say 'lucky ducks'?

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