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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Hampers 22.07.15

Several large hampers leaving us today! And I am eyeing them all up like crazy. My sister has an exam tomorrow, its one she had failed a few times already and our family is thinking of pitching in and getting her hamper if she passes. She worked as a temp with us two Christmases ago and she had not failed to heavily hint on numerous occasions that she really love out products so perhaps we can get her one this time! Fingers cross!

The first hamper I eyed up as a potential is the Great Taste Award Gold hamper. Its popularity is definitely not something to be scoffed at and is well deserved.

1104411 GTA GoldIt's like the hamper contains....well... everything! Savoury, sweet, snacks, gorumet, artisan, yummies, chocolates, cheese, tea, coffee! I would happily feast on this for a week! In fact, my cousin got one of these for his dad a few months ago and they took forever to finish eating all the hamper's contents. To this day, my aunt still gushes high praises for the toffee waffles in the hamper. This Gold hamper is being dispatched today for delivery tomorrow in Limerick to a lovely 'Aunt Ann'. It was ordered by her relatives in the US as a thank you gift for having them over and as an apology for coming over unannounced - sounds like a story there! We would love to hear it!

The next hamper I looked at is the 100% Alcohol Free hamper.

725382 100 Alcohol Free

Usually this hamper is only really sold or gain much attention during the Christmas season where people are looking for alcohol free alternatives to some of our Christmas range. But we had kept it online as are year-round product this year and it is a surprisingly popular option nowadays. Barely a week goes by wihout one of them ordered. Today's hamper is a birthday gift from Tony, to Sidney. Happy Birthday, Sidney!

Remember last week, how I talked about having taken pictures of many of our Great Taste Award hamper range? And how my aim was to one day take a picture of a Great Taste Award Diamond Hamper? Well, guess who got their wish come true? Mememememememememe~!

GTA Supreme Diamond

This is the Great Taste Award Supreme Diamond hamper. Oh gosh! Just look at it! LOOK! It's so beautiful! There's salmon, ham, salami, marshmallows, relish, jam, cheese, chocolates, cakes, apple beer, reganas, nut mixs, crackers, biscuits (insert deep breath here), waffles, shortcake, honey, tea, dried fruit, pate, olies, almond butter, teacake and.... I think I lost count! So many things! Don't let the picture fool you, there is MANY more things underneath that top layer of food.  Me thinks Margaret in Retford would just as blown away by this incredible treasure of a hamper as I am!

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