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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Hampers 15.07.15

As many of you must know by now, Thursday is my assigned daily dispatch blog day. Now you must be thinking 'what are you doing writing for Wednesday then?'

Well, you see, I have an appointment to attend tomorrow afternoon and whilst I could effectively squeeze in daily dispatch blogs right before I leave, I think it would best if I don't try that or else the warehouse might feel pressured to assemble baskets and hampers faster and in the event that I cannot get the photos all done, it would mean I will have to effectively drop the ball onto somebody else's lap mid-afternoon. So it is that I asked Victoria (our Wednesday Daily Dispatcher) and she had kindly agreed to switch days with me.

So without further ado, onto the first featured hamper of the day!

With the schools closing for the summer, there are baskets being winged out of our depots to be delivered as thank you gifts to teachers, staff and the like. 725246 Chocolatising Sensation

This one in particular is a Chocolatising Sensation (even the name sounds luxurious and delicious!) is going to Hove, to a nursery as thank you. The sender's family had been with the nursery for two years and it seems like it is time for their children to move on. They wish the nursdary good luck for the future and thank you for their help. Wow! I think it's the first time I've seen a basket being sent to a nursery. I might have to consider this idea in the future when I have children of my own - heaven knows, the staff deserve it for all the headaches, spills and tantrums they might have to put up with in their daily work.

Now, I've taken a lot of pictures of the Great Taste Award Bronzes, Silvers and Golds. I've even took pictures of some Platinums before, but I don't think I had covered a lot of Titaniums in my posts. Today, we are in luck to see three Titanium hampers leaving us today.

Titaniums x 3

One of these if going to Swindon as as thanks from a real estate agent for the recipient's 'purchase and lease'. We have had some corporate companies who order from us to send baskets to the people who buys their products - usually cars or houses - so it was great to know that we have yet another one to add to our list of corporate clients. It was also rather interesting to lift the lids off them and find that not only were all three packed differently, but that they all featured a different pack of crisps! Which is your favourite?

(By the way, my aim is to one day take a picture of of a Great Taste Award Diamond. Have you seen that hamper? It's like food heaven!)

The last hamper I chose to feature today is actually rather interesting.

1104388 CYOIt's actually a customer creation, but what made it stand out was that I noticed the sender is actually based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and the items they picked seems to feature more Northern Irish products. It's like they are carefully selecting the items and making this a Northern Ireland gift package. It really does show a lot of thought had been put into creating this thank you hamper.

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