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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Hampers 02.07.15

There is actually quite a few hampers leaving out warehouse today and it was a really difficult choice to choose which one to take a photo of. In the end, I went through the order forms of each hamper and chose the ones that I don't think I covered before or the one I talked about the least - because we all know what the Great taste Award Bronze and the Cheesy Sunshine look like by now, right?

The first hamper is a wedding hampers going to Wetherby.

725034 What's Yours Is MineIt's a What's Yours Is Mine hamper. I just love the name of this hamper. It's so cute and charming because... well, it's true right? When you're married, you have to share lots of things. And we are delighted that one of our hampers would be one of the first things the recipients would get to share together as a married couple.

Next up, forget the Great taste Award Bronze mentioned earlier, lets go up one level and go for the Silver!

725005 GTA SilverThe Great Taste Award Silver hamper had always been a customer favourite, fitting in nicely at not too much and at a perfect price point. This hamper literally gets swept off the shelves during Christmas, especially by my corporate customers. It's also been extra popular the past few months because it was and still is in our sale section. I had yet to be clued in on when the special sale price on the Silver would end but better jump in and get yourself on just in case!

The last hamper I chose today I was rather worried they would forget to leave it out for me to photograph. After all, the warehouse does get busy and it had happened once or twice before. I had scribbled 'PHOTO' all over the order form just in case and thankfully, it did the trick.

725044 Deluxe ArtisanJust look at how impressive it is! It's the Deluxe Artisan hamper. I do admit that I am a little bit bias for the Artisan hamper range. They are always what I envision a luxury food hamper would be like - a mixture of high quality food products but focusing just a touch more on the gourmet and savoury side of things. This beautiful hamper today is going to Nottingham to wish the recipient, Lee, a happy birthday.

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