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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 23.07.15

They say super heroes don't exist; they haven't met my grandad

That is the message that is on one of our Granddad mugs. It's also my favourite one because the way the mug looks, makes it look classic and rather handsome. It brings out the nostalgia and sweetness of the message and turns it from what could have been a cheeky fun message (if on a brighter mug), into a meaningful heart touching message for your grandfather.

725360 Special Grandad

I hope Richard in Wisbech would think the same and be utterly charmed that his grandchildren in Brisbane, Australia had picked out this Special Grandad basket for him Because he really is their special granddad.

Then, we have two baby baskets to feature today. Usually, I like to squeeze a different kind in (something chocolately or pampery) but these two baby baskets are just too cute and I HAVE to feature them.

The first is a New Mother Survival basket.

725377 New Mother Survival Girl - Angle 2When this basket was first designed and put online, it was very, very popular. Now, the hype has toned down some but the basket itself is still fantastically sweet as rather than focus on the baby, this one focuses on the mummy. Not in that fun way the Breeze Through Pregnancy basket does, but rather in a rather quiet charm with soft hues and thinks for the mummy to enjoy whilst having items that could be kept for a long while to come. Look at the set of three small boxes at the front. They are containers for the little baby's first tooth, the bracelet they wear for the first time and their first curl of hair. The recipient, Rebecca in Edinburgh, would be able to keep these items safely away for years to come.

The second baby basket is the Earth Friendly Baby Basket.

725379 Earth Friendly Baby

Tanya in London would be getting this basket. Isn't it cute? Now, before you think that there are two of the same bears in there, they're are actually different items. They are part of the Du Du Soft Beige Bear range from Suki. The on sitting upright on the right corner of the basket is a cuddly soft bear and the one that looks a bit floppy in the middle is a cuddle comfort blankie.

Our comfort blankies are always incredibly popular, sometimes we even get urgent calls from parents who had received our baby baskets, their baby had gotten attached to the blankie and now they had lost it , leading to the parents desperately calling us to see if we have any spare stock we can send them. Even just yesterday, I had received a call from an anxious father who lost his son's teddy bear comfort blankie and he urgently needed 3 to be shipped to him. Unfortunately, we don't have small postage cartons or postage rates so we cannot them to him and had to advise him to purchase from our supplier, Suki, themselves. Sometimes though, if desperate needs calls for desperate measures and they really, really, reeeeally need only just the one pretty, pretty please, we can see if we can squeeze it into a normal sized envelope and post it away.  The only problem is that not everything could be squeezed into a small envelope....

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