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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 22.07.15

My favourite section, Gift Baskets! I think this is my favourite because I am yet to see a Gift Basket I wouldn't want, and I am always looking forward to seeing the baskets all made up, I feel like they are the most interesting because there are so many items and so may possibilities with them.

For example, today one of our biggest pamper baskets was ordered: Queen of Pamper. This was being sent from our customer in HARROGATE to celebrate not only her best friends birthday in KINGSTON UPON THAMES but also the start of her maternity leave! What a great gift, honestly the recipient will be spoilt for choice, while she is preparing for birth she can moisturize her face, feet and hair using the new 7th Heaven products, get comfortable with an amazing body wrap and kill some time with entertainment from a magazine, book or movie... all are included!

I think the recipient will be able to use this even when she has gave birth, if she's able to get some sleep, there is our luxurious eye mask or if she gets a bit of a headache, there is a great scalp massager. And again I have to mention the amazing pink shred, I think it is just the most prettiest shred I've ever seen!

A smaller version of our Queen of Pamper is our Alternative Therapies  for her, this may be smaller but it packs a big punch. You can create such a great evening, you have some seriously scented candles, Cherry Rhubarb and Summer Rain, two heavenly scents that I have actually never smelt before but they are now another item on my wish list. This is being sent from our customer in LONDON who will give to his wife to help with her pregnancy, there must be a baby boom at the minute!

I will assume our customer will be giving out some massages later wit the help of the massage oil, their partner can take a relaxing bath using the Scottish Fine Soaps products and indulge in the Wooden Foot Refreshing Massager, I hear pregnancy can really take a toll on your feet so I think this will go down very well!

725358Another basket for a special occasion, but not a pregnancy today was our Age Matters Birthday Basket : 50 was being sent from our customer in Wellington, NZ to a friend in LONDON. Clearly a very popular destination today, London is the place to be, and there are going to be some very happy recipients all over London tomorrow!


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