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Baskets Galore Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Baskets 15.07.15

A while ago, we did a taste test on products from The Foods of Athenry. Today, we are pleased to see that their products are leaving our warehouse in a basket.

725234 Gluten Free Fruit & ChocolateTheir range are very healthy and caters for many dietary requirements. One thing that particularly stands out to us though is that almost all (if not all) their products are gluten free! Hurrah! This had greatly solved our problem with our Gluten Free baskets range where we sometimes find it difficult to at items that are not just fruit and even more fruit. This particular Gluten Free Fruit and Chocolate gift basket is going to be delivered Penny in London who is having her birthday tomorrow. Happy Birthday, Penny!

We don't have a lot of fruit baskets leaving our warehouse today. Only.... four? Wow, that is even less than my usual Thursday dispatches. I wonder if Victoria has this problem a lot on Wednesday or did I just pull the short straw this week and got a day where not a lot are leaving us.

We have a Get Well Fruit Basket for Her being dispatched for delivery tomorrow to a hospital West Smithfield, London. It is filled with refreshing fruit, a cheerful balloon ,a magazine and puzzles to help keep the recipient entertained as she recover from her recent surgery.

1001757 Get Well Fruit for HerWe noticed that a Travel magazine was selected by the sender and cannot help but think it is a perfect fit for the occasion. What better way to make hospital wards more interesting than a daydream away to far away exotic places with ivory sands, turquoise waters and a basket of fresh fruit?

The final fruit and flower basket I have up to be featured is a Flowers & Fruit basket.

725248 Flowers and FruitWow! Just look at the colours! And it comes with a really cute message too! I hope they don't mind me sharing it here. I figure it's ambiguous enough since there must be tons of 'Mark's out there who are in love with 'Anna's - right?

Happy 4th "Flowers & Fruit" Anniversary! If you were a flower, I would definitely pick you! Love Mark xxx

I'd say he's a keeper, Anna (from Walton-on-Thames)


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