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Baskets Galore Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Baskets 09.07.15

Last week, I had marvelled at lychees being in our fruit baskets. This week, I do not see those delicious red shelled stoned fruit, instead I was greeted with apricots!

I do love apricots though. To me, they're like a small peach but a little bit drier so that translates to perfect snacking bite-size fruit with non of the mess a juicy peach could sometimes create. Seriously, they only need like, what? Two bites and the apricot is gone? Perfection for eating and perfection for basket appearance too!

7906420 Fruit & MuffinsJust look at how it just brings a splash of bright orange-yellow sunshine to this Fruit & Muffins basket. It makes the basket look tropical and rather reminds me of the fruit arrangements you might expect in an exotic hotel, maybe out in a warm place with beaches, turquoise waters and luscious sea breeze. We hope it brings these images to the recipient in Blanchardstown, Dublin these images too.

Now for a basket that we don't see to often, the Keeping Busy Get Well gift basket.

7906408 Keeping BusyLook! More apricots! And not only that but a fun balloon, baked goodies like shortbread and muffins and also 500 piece jigsaw as well. Oh my, I cannot even remember when was the last time I did a jigsaw. I have so many at home and a few years ago I was a jigsaw piecing maniac where I refuse to look at the box art and refuse to work from the edges in, determined to assemble a 5000 piece puzzle the hard way - from the centre out. That would be a bit too stressful somebody recovering from being unwell though, which is why we chose a 500 piece jigsaw to include. Nice and casual, nothing too stressful and accompanied by fruits and biscuits, it is the perfect way to wind down an afternoon.

And then, as always, we have everybody's favourite birthday gift baskets - the Birthday Favourites.

Bday-GW Fave x 2Oh wait, my bad. One is actually a Get Well Favourites. I never realised how similar they looked until now. With only a few choice pieces of fruit different from one another and the balloon type. I don't think the similarity was intentional by the basket creating team though. The Get Well Favourites was designed at least four years ago and the Birthday Favourites was redesigned only two years ago. I guess, in the end, popular 'favourite' items would always be popular 'favourite' items, no matter how time passes and how fashionable trends might try to direct our thoughts. It certainly would be MY favourite if I got one of these baskets -whether as a get well or as a birthday. I don't mind. I'm not picky~

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