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Baskets Galore Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Baskets 02.07.15

No, flower baskets today! Well, actually, there was ONE, but I was too slow and it got wrapped by the packaging team already. It wouldn't be very fair is I took apart their packaging just for a photo, right?

But that's okay. whilst we do not have a flowering plant basket for today's daily dispatch blog, I did find an amazing fruity order. Skip to the end if you want to see it right away.

The first fruit basket to be made up today was a Get Well Fruit Basket For Her.

725037 GW Fruit for HerThis basket had been covered a few times already in our blogs, but what can we say? It's super popular! All the fruit to to wish a recovering person get well, a cheerful balloon, chocolate and sweet treats to perk you up, and also magazines and a set of puzzles to keep you occupied as you rest up in bed. All that is missing is somebody to be at your beck and call to top up your tea, clear away the used tissues you had thrown on the ground and maybe massage your shoulders. As much as we strive to exceed you expectations, fitting something like that in a basket would be a rather tall order...

Then, I turn around and saw these two lovelies.

7906352 Tropical Cheeseboard

At first, I thought they were two different orders; but no, they are actually part of the same order. Our customer in the New York, US, ordered two Tropical Cheese Board Fruit Baskets to be delivered to Anne in Ferrybank, Ireland. Unfortunately for Annie, the baskets are not for her ("Oh boo!" would be what I'd say if that happened to me then cheekily ask i I could keep at least one) but rather, Annie is instructed to pass the baskets on to somebody else! We hope they would share with Annie!

Also, if you look closely, you would notice one new kind of fruit in the basket that we do not usually include. Yes, correct, lychees!  Yum! We try to buy fruit which are in season and lychees are just starting to hit the shelves again. It ups the basket's exoticness, me thinks and if you haven't tried one before, I highly recommend you give it a go.

Right, as promised, I didn't have a flower basket for today's blog but I have a whopper of a fruit hamper. yes, you read that right. fruit HAMPER. Not basket. HAMPER. And it is HUGE!

Just check it out in comparison to my hand! It's a whopper! and it's heavy as well. I tried to lift it to a better photography spot but honestly, it weighs quite a bit and I'm scared I would do something silly like trip over my own feet and ruin it.

This hamper is customer created. Every item in the hamper was picked by our customer, Dorothy in New Jersey, US. It's a present for her mum and it contains lots of fruit, biscuits, chocolates and also customised with a Grandma mug. It's truly a one of a kind hamper.

Would you like to create your own unique hamper? If so, head over here to see our full list of products available for customised gift baskets/hampers.

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