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A Week In The Life Of A Baskets Galore Customer Service Advisor

You may think that because it's summer time, we have it a little easier here at Baskets Galore but our phones are still ringing, emails are still flying in and live chatters keep on chatting! There is always someone or something that needs our attention and I have had a busy week, so let me fill you in...

How I Helped A Customer

I think some of our customers get a little excited when they are ordering a Gift Basket because every so often we get a call from DHL, telling us a recipients address is wrong. For example, I recently had to call a recipient as DHL were trying to deliver to an address, where the recipient was not heard of. Once speaking to them, they provided me with a completely different address, I needed to reschedule this ASAP as it contained salmon and ham, which is in our Ice Packs that lasts up to 72 hours. Our customer lives in California so maybe the just got the wrong address, but thankfully the Gift Basket was delivered the very next day and we had another happy customer and recipient.

Something Nice/Rewarding That Happened

Sometimes our recipients have so many friends and loved ones, they need to call us to help find out who their Gift Basket is from! Today, I had a lovely woman call me to see who exactly from her workplace sent her our Revitaliser Basket for Her. She told me that she absolutely loved her gift, and that it was more than your average get well gift, the extras such as the puzzles and pamper products really made her day, I left her to get stuck in, she couldn't wait to open her Lily O'Brien chocolates!

Something Difficult/Frustrating That Happened

As I keep an eye on the delivery of our Gift Baskets, I always make sure when a perishable Gift Basket is attempted, the recipient is notified of this as we do not want any perishable baskets left too long in a depot. I had called a recipient as she had arranged to collect her Gift Basket, but as it was perishable I wanted to let her know not to leave it too late.

She informed me that she was a little confused as to where to collect, so I called DHL and sent her the address of the nearest collection point in her area. DHL also sent her a number password for a locker, as her gift was left by a DHL courier at an InPost locker to collect. Unfortunately, once our recipient got there, the code did not work! After another couple of calls between our recipient and DHL, the Gift Basket was finally collected. This was of course disappointing because our recipient had lost some of the excitement factor that comes when receiving a Gift Basket, but all in all they enjoyed their Gift Basket.

Something Funny That Happened

A very odd looking gift message caught my eye earlier, jokingly using shortened text our customer pretended to leave a gift for their sibling:  'Mama sayd you r at this fancie hotel. I came to cee you. I love you and mis youu. I left u sum of me favorit snax...' The recipient is traveling abroad and this was sent from their sister in Canada. This is sure to put a smile on their face at the very least!

Best Reason For Sending A Gift Basket

I noticed a lovely Gift Card message accompanying our Entertain You Gift Basket.  It seems our customer had been locked out of their car recently, and was sending a generous gift to say Thank You: 'This is just something small to say thank you for helping me and my daughter when I was locked out of the car. I thought your son may enjoy building the car with you. Thank you again '. I love the fact that the recipient can build his own car with his son using our Sports Car Construction, at least this car can't lock!

Most Excited Purchaser/Recipient Of A Gift Basket

As you may have read, we recently have a very happy recipient come and see us here at Baskets Galore Headquarters. Jonathan had been sent the revitalizing Fruit & Healthy Drinks Gift Basket to aid him with his recovery after surgery.

It's not everyday you get admiration like this, we loved hearing how Jonathan enjoyed his Gift Basket, I think his nieces who sent this gift are in the good books for a long time! Jonathan also left us a lovely review: ‘I came out of hospital recently and was delighted to receive a Baskets Galore hamper from my nieces. The fruit was deliciously ripe and the shortbread a tasty addition. The lack of additives in the refreshing apple and raspberry juice was much appreciated. Jonathan P’

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