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Why Australian's Use BasketsGalore For Gifts

As you should all know by now it was my birthday in May and my younger son James,  currently living in Australia,  decided to send me a birthday gift all the way from there. BasketsGalore was originally set up to provide a service to overseas customers, as you can read on our 'about us 'section, but this once James wanted to shop himself for a gift and send it from Australia.

Well he rang me the day of my birthday and asked if I had received my present . He was disappointed when I said no as he had spent extra, on express delivery, so that it would arrive on time. I told him that I would Viber him when it came and two weeks later he thought that I had forgotten. No it still hadn't come.

Another week went by and I received a standard letter from the Post Office stating that I had to pay nearly £36 in order for them to deliver my parcel which was shoe box size. Now the contents of the box were valued at not much more than this but it's the thought that counts isn't it, and so I had to pay.

My present was lovely and it was interesting receiving something from overseas, but the gesture was spoiled by the custom charges & delayed delivery.  Thank goodness that this needn't happen to you, in the future, as you have BasketsGalore's fantastic site to choose your gifts from! Shopping directly with us in the UK means that we ship it for you and there will be no customs charges so long as the gift is being delivered to the UK, Ireland or Europe. It also arrives on a next day basis and is fully trackable giving you complete ease of  mind. We have lovely customers from all over the world, but are particularly strong with Australian, New Zealand, American & Canadian customers who have friends and family "back home".

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