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What Do You Use Your Empty Baskets For?

As you know we are called BasketsGalore, and so all our gifts arrive in their own gift basket or hamper rather than a box. They not only look great when your gift arrives, but they are also high quality & sturdy and so this means you can use them again rather than binning them.

We asked our Staff members for their ideas as to what to use wicker gift baskets for once they were empty, and we got a few good ideas. Some of them had already sent baskets to friends and family and were able to ask them.  I hope we can give you inspiration and  perhaps you can give us some more ideas of your own.

Johnny's mum uses her basket for storing scarves in to keep them all tidy. I have one in my bathroom for keeping spare toilet rolls in. Neil uses his in the utility room to store odds and ends for washing in. Andrea uses hers for a mini library of Rowan's books, for storing toiletries on her dressing table and to keep cables & remotes neat and tidy under the coffee table. Lynne uses hers for toys, make-up and wood for her log burning fire, but she assures us that they are either old baskets or too small to sell!  Lynne recently bought a basket for her bicycle and was horrified to have to buy a metal one.  Bring back the lovely wicker bicycle baskets of my youth as they were much prettier!

The best use of all was when we took an old discoloured hamper and used it as a nest box for Daisy our pet hen!  Now can any of you beat that?

chicken in a basket

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