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Top Additions To Get Well Gift Baskets

Get Well Gift Baskets are one of our most popular sellers & I blogged last week about how I've had the cold on & off for most of the year & needed a get well gift basket full of tissues and cold tablets! I did mean to follow that up this month and actually create one to see how it looked, but time has gotten away from me & it will have to wait until later this month.

In the meantime it did get me thinking about the requests we get for items people would like to add to one of our existing gift baskets. It's hard to remember them all off the top of my head, but I've included some that immediately spring to mind.

Recently we got asked to add a Kindle e-reader to a fruit basket so as the gentleman receiving the gift would have sometime to read in hospital. A lot of our get well gifts come with a choice of magazine or reading novel, but the e-reader was a lovely touch for this patient as he was going to be in hospital for quite some time.

We've also had requests for TV box sets on DVD. Again some of our baskets contain a chick flick or action movie and there's also the option to upgrade to a new release, but the box set was again a lovely touch for someone who is long term sick.

Favourite hand creams and bubble baths are also popular for those in need of some pampering, although we also offer a wide range of pampering goodies for both men and women.

Chicken soup and other comfort foods have also been requested, and of course we're happy to source these locally for you & add them into an existing gift.

We were even contacted lately to create a "hangover" gift pack for a group of ladies celebrating a friends 40th birthday by going to a concert and staying overnight in a hotel. Apparently the birthday girl though a can of coke, cheese and onion crisps and a snack bar was the perfect hangover cure, and so her friends wanted to have these delivered to their room as a surprise.

Of course I've forgotten all the other weird and wonderful requests we've had over the years, but I'll add them into this blog whenever they come into my head!

Which item helps you through illnesses & would it fit into a gift basket?

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