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Too Busy For June Birthday

It was my birthday yesterday and usually when we have a birthday in the office we get a cake & candles, sing 'Happy Birthday' and get an embarrassing picture of the birthday boy or girl for our Facebook page. Sometimes my colleagues don't let on it is their birthday so as they get away with no fuss. It's usually me taking the picture, so would the tables be turned & they'd finally get their own back? I was saved from that spectacle, but wouldn't have minded the birthday cake part! Unfortunately this is what I get for having a birthday in the week leading up to Father's Day, as everyone was just too busy dispatching all your orders. Aw, poor me! Each day we usually have to pop out for supplies at the local stores, either for ourselves or for requests for gift baskets and so this is the perfect opportunity to sneakily buy a birthday cake. However, as we were so busy it was me who had to go to the shops, which in turn ruined this cunning plan. It wasn't all bad though as Laura had just so happened to make S'mores the previous night and had brought some into the office. I wasn't exactly sure what a S'more was until we saw her wonderful creation. It's basically melted marshmallows and chocolate in between wafers or biscuits. Exceptionally sweet, but really good! So thanks to Laura for saving the day!


I wasn't forgotten about completely though, as when we finished getting all the orders dispatched Selina (mum) had the family round for a birthday tea, and they had baked me a cake! I'm on a post-holiday diet anyway so they've saved me from myself & 2 whole birthday cakes! I should be thanking them really.

family birthday tea

June seems to be a particularly popular birthday month, or maybe I just so happen to know lots of summer babies! We're always here to help with any last minute birthday gift requirements. You can order right up until 4pm for next day delivery, and we won't even let on you ordered at the last minute!

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