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The Other (Important) Side of the Packet

Remember that project I did a while back where I was creating a table of all the products we stock which contained allergens?

Allergens List - Work in Progress This old list, remember?

Well, we had decided to take that information to the next level. We are now not only providing you with allergen information, but also the ingredients of the products and also their nutritional value! How is that for making sure you stay healthy?

Naturally, this would mean that it would render my previous and laboriously created Allergen table moot, and I admit that I was a liiiiiiittle bit frustrated that I did all that work only to have it be replaced with something else that quickly, but, so typical of me, I then started wandering out to the warehouse again for taking pictures of all the products for this new project and it turned out to be very fun! I've also learnt a lot more about our products and have a new appreciation for product labelling because, wow, it must be a headache for our suppliers' design teams to squeeze that much information on a tiny label and still have it readable!

So Much Information! So Much Information!

There is nothing I love better than to make things look organised and neat so taking pictures of the items and compiling them into a user-friendly document was right up my alley. It is time consuming work though because not only do you have to take a picture of the front, back and side of each product, but you also have to photoshop crop it and adjust the brightness and contrast of the pictures to make sure the wording on the label was visible. Then you have to sort and compile them into a single document in a clear and organised layout.

Nutritional And Ingredients Document - Work in Progress Nutritional And Ingredients Document - Work in Progress

It's still a work in progress, but once it is completed, it would be placed online and our plan is that you can find the product list through our FAQ page or maybe even our supplier page. This way, you can double check you're not accidentally sending something to a recipient who cannot eat a certain type of food.

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