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Pros & Cons of Personal Shopping

At BasketsGalore we do our best to facilitate our customers when they require additional items to the create your own items which we currently have in stock.  This usually involves sourcing items from specialist shops or arranging alternatives to what is on offer. This may be a specialist magazine or food item or even a beauty product.  While we do our best this isn't always easy and can back fire on us, as was the case of the lady requiring dry-hair shampoo for a pregnancy basket.

What a great idea we thought, perfect for a new mum who doesn't have enough time, or a pregnant lady who would find this very useful.  However, our courier service decided that this was considered a dangerous item and promptly returned the basket to sender! Namely us!  Fortunately we were able to source the other items she required namely Lansinoh Nipple Cream, Soap & Glory Hand Food Cream and Original Pink Eau De Parfuma.  She also requested detox Tea, although we do have a lovely stock of Green Teas already. We hope our customer's best friend enjoyed her Basket even though it was a day late.

Dry Shampoo Basket Dry Shampoo Basket

Another customer wanted Pecan nuts for a Really Nutty Basket. I searched in the nut section of the supermarket and saw so many different nuts but not pecan.  Texting Andrea back at the Office I asked her if there was an alternative name for these and she replied that she didn't think so but to try try the Home Baking aisle as they were used mainly in baking.  I still had to ask a member of staff for help but managed to locate a nice large bag of Pecans as required.

I remember going down to Easons on different occasions to source specialist magazines.  One was a Heavy Metal one and another time it was a 'Top Shelf' job which I took great pleasure in telling the sales girl was not actually for me. It certainly is very eye-opening being a personal shopper for BasketsGalore.

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