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Office Drama Of The Week (June)

Last time we blogged about an office drama it was after experiencing a power cut around lunch time one day, when we were busy trying to dispatch your orders.

Fortunately it was a false alarm that had actually been set off by a neighbouring unit, by some workmen repairing the roof. Our fire alarm system is directly connected to the fire station however, and we soon heard sirens and realised the fire brigade were on their way. Luckily we didn't take them away from an actual emergency, but an intense training session they were quite relieved to get a break from!

Even though it was a false alarm we of course vacated the building & I took some snaps of us all huddled outside in the safe zone. Our trusty Nightline delivery driver also arrived in the middle of all of this & patiently waited for us to get the all clear to return to the premises, so as he could collect our parcels & have them safely delivered the next day. What dedication eh, thanks Rob!

Delivery is a huge part of our business and we choose to work with the best couriers out there & really appreciate their hard work. Quite often they will wait for us to finish boxing up orders at Christmas time, with the famous saying being "Just one more..." as the warehouse try to sneak a few more onto their vans and lorries.

We offer delivery across the UK, Ireland & Europe on a next day basis, so please get in touch if you have any queries regarding a delivery.

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