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National Bring Your Dog To Work Day

We were very excited to hear earlier in the week about it being National 'Bring Your Dog To Work Day' as a few of us are dog lovers and owners. I only have my cat, Eve, and she definitely wouldn't appreciate coming to work with me!

Laura has the lovely Lola the Pug who has visited our offices before, but wouldn't be joining us today as Laura said we would get no work done as she's a little bit hyper! Lola enjoys eating, walks on the beach and attending Pug Club.

Laura & Lola Laura & Lola

Jonny's dog Zak is an elderly gent, aged 14 yet still acting like a big pup and chasing insects around the garden.

Zak Swimming Zak Swimming


Roma's dog is called Mika, she is 4 years old and a Parson Russell. She is a bit of an escape artist who likes to jump fences and also enjoys swimming and chasing birds.

Sylvia's little cutie is called Leo and he enjoys walking, playing and giving kisses.

Sylwia's Leo Sylwia's Leo

Selina & Steve's dog is a Beagle named Toby, and he is nearly 4 years old. He was quite a handful as a puppy, but has settled down now & loves long walks around the lake, burying his bone, jumping for teats and playing with his toy Philip the Pheasant.

Steve & Toby

It was Toby who decided he was coming to work at BasketsGalore for the day on Friday 26th June. We thought the food in the warehouse might prove too much temptation for him and so we gave him an office job. He started off writing a blog and then went onto design our #FunFriday game for social media - what a clever doggy.

Toby Bring Your Dog To Work Day


Did you or someone in your workplace bring their dog into work for the day? How did they get on? We'd love to see your photos. Also what do you think of a gift basket for pets? We have had quite a few requests before, but what would we put in it? Food, treats, toys, grooming items?

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