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My 7th Heaven - Fun New Face Masks

Instead of 'Taste Test Thursday' this week we decided to ring the changes with a Pamper Product Testing session instead. Recently we were sent lots of samples of vegetarian, natural face masks by Montagne Jeunesse - which is of course French for 'Mountain Youth.'   We were excited to put them to the test with a view to incorporating them into our range of Pamper Gift Baskets.  Based in Wales UK, their eco-friendly company ethos fits in exactly with our ideaologies, and as such we thought their  award winning, naturally made, vegetarian beauty products would be a welcome component of our health and Spa and Beauty collections.   Most exciting is the fact that they have recently started manufacturing their products with  wild mountain, high energy, spring water.  How cool is that?  And it's not just us that thinks this.  Their Clay Spa Face Mask Range recently won Best Face Mask at the Woman's Own Beauty Awards in 2014, whilst the Peel-Off Face Masks were awarded best in the class at the Bella Beauty Awards 2014.  Another recent update is their name, which has been changed to 7th Heaven, to help customers pronounce it more easily.  Their marketing blurb boasts that their Kitchen Creations aim to keep your skin looking fresh all year round.  Well let's put them to the test..............................

Face Masks

I (Selina) tested the Manuka Honey Peel-Off Mask and I was really doubtful that it would peel off at all when I applied it as it was just like runny honey. Good enough to eat I thought!  Sure enough some 20 mins later it had dried hard and I was able to peel it off - not in one go though - maybe I would put in on a bit thicker next time.  The mask was pleasant, not messy, easy to apply and left my skin feeling soft and refreshed.  Next time I will avoid my eyebrows- just a little tip!

Andrea tested the Deep Sea Mud Face Mask as it was suitable for normal-oily skin & would help to draw out impurities. Andrea said "this mask dried really quickly and so didn't cause any mess. After washing it off my skin felt wonderfully clean, soft and smooth. It is recommended to use on a weekly basis and I think I might just do that!"

Laura tested the Black Seaweed Face Mask and her thoughts were; "The Black Seaweed mask I tested is nicely fragranced although I would avoid contact with anyone until you remove the mask as you may scare someone! It was very pleasant to put on and once it was dried I began to peel it off, this was generally an easy process, but a little sore to peel around the sides of my fluffy face. My face felt very clean and refreshed afterwards & I would definitely use this product again."

Lynne tested the Green Tea Face Mask & said "I picked this particular face mask because I enjoy drinking green tea and it's meant to be very healthy and good for you.  So it made sense that it must be good for your skin too.  As a busy working Mummy, I never have much time to pamper myself, so I was a bit worried when I read it said for best effects leave on skin for 10-15 mins.  But I soon sorted it by turning it into a fun pamper session with my two girls at bathtime.  We all put our masks on - and even managed to rope in Daddy to get a male perspective!
My mask was described as purifying and cleansing. It felt lovely and cool on application, and my skin felt lovely, smooth and refreshed after the girls helped peel the mask off, with screams of laughter and delight.  The hubby made the mistake of applying his a little too close to his eyebrows, and moaned a bit when our 3 year old was peeling it off for him with perhaps a little too much enthusiasm!  He later admitted that his skin felt much fresher and less oily - so we think he secretly enjoyed the whole experience and would happily sample a few more. He did tell Andrea afterwards he felt he had to do something manly and so 'mixed some concrete' - Lol".

The Girls sampled the Chocolate Mousse Facemask - no surprises for that choice.  They both looked like little monkeys and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, especially the part where they washed it off - easily and without fuss - turning the bath water chocolate brown too.  It's testimony to the quality and skin friendliness of the Montagne Juenesse/7th Heaven brand that their products and kind and gentle enough for the delicate skin of a 3 and 6 year old.  Annabel already has a list of the next types she would like to try!!"

Kate tested the Strawberry Souffle Face Mask and she thought that: "It smelled delicious! Like luxury and fancy strawberry yoghurt. It was a real temptation not to try any give it an experimental taste testing. I've heard of DIY yoghurt face masks which are suppose to be very good for the skin so this one smelling like it really makes you feel as if you are have something really healthy on your skin. There were little bits (maybe strawberry bits/seeds?) in it as well so when you're applying it, it feel like a exfoliating scrub, but there were not enough to be a proper scrub. Afterwards, my skin feel silk smooth - like cream!"

Victoria tested the Creamy Coconut Face Mask and told us: "When I found out the girls and I were sampling these 7th Heaven Face Masks, I jumped straight into the bag and selected the 'Creamy Coconut' mask. Although my skin can be quite sensitive to some products, this took kindly to my skin and I could feel the softening begin almost immediately. This was for Dry and Tired skin, after just returning from holiday I thought I would treat my skin to this. It smelt so refreshing and was luxuriously thick. It left my skin intensely smooth and smelling like my favourite drink, Piña colada!"

We have included photographs below of ourselves testing the Face Masks as we think they are a fun, youthful item which would appeal to lots of our customers. Once again we are finding it impossible to choose which of the fantastic selection of 'flavours' to include in our Pamper Gift Baskets, so which gets your vote?

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