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Johnny’s Favourite Fresh Fruit Gift Basket Creations (June)

It's happened again folks! Johnny has been rushed off his feet assembling all your beautiful fresh fruit baskets & has run out of time to write his creative blog for June. I've offered to help him out again and tell you about his favourite creation from this month's orders.

He thought back to the start of June (yes we were still wearing fleeces - depressing!) when he had to assemble 6 of the same fruit baskets for a film company in California, sending them as thank you gifts to people in their partner company in the UK.

I really love this gift basket (Sparkling Red Flavoursome Variety) as it contains a duo of wines but also loads of snacks such as cheese, crackers, crisps & my favourite Skellig's mint truffles as well as the fresh fruit component.

When we saw them all lined up in a row they really made your mouth water & they look so bright and colourful that they make a real impact with the gift recipient upon arrival.

When there are multiple gift baskets shipping to the one address it is best that the baskets are made up to look identical so as everyone knows they have received an identical gift and no-one is a favourite! Johnny took great care in assembling these little beauties, as he does with every order. Do you know he even polishes the plums to make them clean & shiny?

6 sparkling red flavoursome variety Fruit Baskets Bursting With Freshness
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