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Now Cute Feathery Friends!

BasketsGalore has lots of furry animals included in many of their Gift Baskets, but we don't have an Ugly Duckling! Why anyone could call these cute Cygnets that in the first place is a mystery to me and I couldn't resist taking a picture of this, totally wild,  Swan family which we met this week when out walking with our dog.

Swans and Cygnets Swans and Cygnets

There were five cygnets and Daddy was doing a fine job of defending them by hissing at Toby, our Beagle, if he came too close.  Mum, at one stage gave a ride, on her back, to one baby and he was completely hidden in her feathers.  We hope that the parents manage to raise their brood to adulthood and we will keep an eye on them and take them some more corn next time. Swans mate for life so hopefully they will return again, in the future, to nest here again.

While we do not have swans in our gift baskets, we do have a lot of gift baskets containing cute furry & feathery animals to be a soft hugging and playtime companion for children, or to cheer up and brighten someone's day. Such as the 'Busy Bee' which has a huggable Duck, 'Teenage Dreams' which has a large huggable Rabbit and 'Toddle with Teddy' which has a large Teddy Bear.

There are also lots more furry friends available on our Create Your Own Site.

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