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Father's Day Traditions & What It Means To Us

The celebration of Father's Day did not originate in the UK, but the USA early in the 20th Century.  In the USA Father's Day has been celebrated since 1910.  The celebrations in the UK and other countries are thought to have been inspired by the American custom of Father's Day.  This is in contrast to Mother's Day, which has a very different history in the USA and the UK.

Canada, USA, UK, Argentina, France, Greece, India. Ireland, Mexico, Pakistan, Singapore, S.Africa, Venezuela, Chile, Japan and Malta celebrate Father's Day on the 3rd Sunday of June. Austria and Belgium celebrate on the 2nd Sunday of June.

Lithuania celebrates on the 1st Sunday of June.

Brazil on the 2nd Sunday in August.

Australia and New Zealand celebrate on the 1st Sunday in September.

Scandanavia - Finland, Norway and Sweden celebrate on the 2nd Sunday in November.

And Thailand on the 5th December.

Today families tend to visit their Dads on Father's Day and use it as an excuse to get together as a family or send cards and gifts to highlight the significance of the day. An occasion to renew the love and gratitude we have for our fathers. When I asked around the office to find out how everyone is celebrating Father's Day there were reports of BBQ's, pub lunches, dinners and coffee & cake, they do say the way to a mans heart is via his stomach after all!

Popular gifts include socks, slippers, luxury chocolates , dads favourite drinks, garden tools or DIY tools. Personalised gifts are popular such as mugs with printed slogans and, of course, Gift Baskets full of his favourite foods such as those in our Father's Day range.  Another tradition is breakfast in bed or a meal out. Why not try our Brunch Basket?

BasketsGalore is, of course, a family run company and we do our own photography and videos for many of our annual occasions.  Our children are usually happy to oblige by modelling for our photos and videos, but at certain times they are less co-operative and it becomes impossible to get a smiling image. We hope you can appreciate the effort from us all to bring you these fun images!

Here we have Lynne's girls posing for a Father's Day picture, but little Katherine was having too much fun waving the 'Dad' flag & beating daddy round the head with the balloon, and so big sister Annabel loses patience. The end result was a lovely pic however!



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