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Doesn't Time Fly? BasketsGalore's Favourite Furry Friends!

Sylwia called into the Warehouse today with baby Kubus attired in his BasketsGalore cute Lion slippers we noticed! At 4 months old he is hardly likely to have a favourite 'sleep' buddy just yet, but we got to talking about our own teddy bears & what favourite toys members of staff had when they were young.

Several times now Lynne has been asked to replace favourite toys which have been lost and were urgently needed for inconsolable babies and we have been glad to oblige knowing ,from personal experience, how much these toys are loved.

To prove a point we asked our Office Staff to bring in their baby toys, or at least a picture of them for the blog.

Panda bears were the outright favourite being the chosen toy of 3 members of staff. Laura still had her baby Panda, as did Andrea although Laura's was in much better nick. Andrea's was much older, however, at 38 years, having previously belonged to sister Lynne. Neil's mum still has his 'Yellow Teddy' and there is a picture to prove it was his. Lynne had a small Panda Bear but she found out when they were moving house that there had been at least 4 versions of him and her illusions were shattered when she found the other 3 in the hot press! She still, however, has her cute White Bunny Puppet, which her Aunties bought her on a trip to Amsterdam and we have a picture of her brother holding it - what about that our first International Buddy!  Kate wins the prize for the biggest Teddy- isn't she cute! Coming from a large family, although he has been passed down and hasn't survived.

BasketsGalore has a large selection of soft toys suitable for Babies and Young Children. We stock only the most reputable brand names such as Steiff, Lamaze, Gund, Aurora and Russ Berrie. Maybe one of these will become your child's favourite and become one of the family just like ours.


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