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BasketsGalore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Hampers 04.06.15

We already did some taste testing this morning, but to my surprise, I came back out from lunch and there were more taste test samples sitting on my desk. So, armed with some divinely good chocolate chip oat cookies, I went about getting this Gift Hampers dispatch blog ready. Me thinks this is the perfect way to start a post-lunch afternoon.

Let's kick off the afternoon by introducing my first Hamper pick of the day. Drum roll, if you please! If you are looking for gourmet hamper filled with artisan products, then this hamper is your go to. It's massive! Cheese, biscuits, crackers, more cheese, chutney, jam, salmon, coffee, ham and many more. Is the drum still rolling? Yes, go! Spotlight, cymbals and fanfare please! TA-DA!

It's the Deluxe Artisan hamper! Look at it! Is it not beautiful? It's GORGEOUS! Gorgeously good, that is. And it was ordered by Karen in Perth, Australia, to be delivered to Simon in London. I cannot disclose the occasion but this is one hamper that was begging to be admired from all angles. Look how lovely it looks!

Now, enough of my food related gushing. I shall be good and return to the realm of sensibilities. The next hampers I chose were two of the same: Cheesy Sunshines.

Cheesy Sunshine Double the cheesiness, twice the sunshine

One of the Cheesy Sunshines was ordered by Shannon in Sydney, Australia, to thank her gracious hosts (and tour guides) in Kilcullen. The second one was ordered by a lady in PontyPridd, United Kingdom, and one of our customer service advisors are actually working on this particular order in the office. Usually, our baskets are ordered by a customer and then sent directly to the recipient. However, there are times when the customer themselves ARE the recipients, as they are planning to deliver it to the actual recipient by hand. But this is not always clear on their order form, so our advisors like to double check that this is their intent before we dispatch the gift because sometimes we get the odd one who had accidentally ticked or put in their own address.

Then we have another two of the same hampers.

Artisan Fayre Artisan Fayre

These two Artisan Fayres are actually ordered by the same people. A company who wish to send thanks to two different families for allowing them to use their beautiful home. Now that made us curious. I wonder what a company could be using people's beautiful homes for? An extravagant photography session? Fascinating!

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