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BasketsGalore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 04.06.15

Another Thursday and another chance to head out into the warehouse to take some pictures of the baskets being dispatched today. Somehow or the other, people rather like the camera of my phone. I tend to answer that my phone have an HDR setting so apparently it takes better pics when it's turned on. I had yet to truly sit down and take comparison photos with the setting on and off, but what I do know is that all these HDR photos takes a whallop on my phone's battery life and memory. To that extent, I had taken to bringing a charging cable into work and any photos I do take with the setting on, do not stay very long on my phone. They are all actually deleted the next day. Hopefully nobody will ask for backups...

So, with others volunteering my phone forward, I ended up taking pictures of our Taste Test Thursday products along the way out to the warehouse too - and embarrassing myself in my inability to pronounce the company's name. Victoria is currently penning the blog post on us sampling our way through the test products, keep an eye out for it when it gets published!

Back to the dispatches, I spotted this fellow chilling out in a basket, just asking for the papparazzi to come and take all the handsome photos of him. Check him out.

Preschool Playtime Age 2-3 yrs Preschool Playtime Age 2-3 yrs

The basket he's sitting in is called the Preschool Playtime Age 2-3 yrs gift basket. It comes with a fuzzy monkey (so soft!) and enough books and games to keep your toddler, in this case, young Elliot in Lowestoft,  entertained for a long while! Well, unless you're my cousin's kid who would fly through each item in this basket at the speed of one item per five minutes before the books end up in tatters as he is a very rough page-turner.

Now, I don't know what you feel about massages, but I personally adore massages. To the extent that my siblings actually gets me massage vouchers for birthdays and Christmas. And I hope Niamh in Dublin loves them too. Because Niamh  would be receiving one of our Alternative Therapies gift baskets, sent by... NIAMH, in Blackburn!

Alternative Therapies Alternative Therapies

This basket is great. It contains a magazine to chillax with, a tingly head massager (it's actually very comfy), massage oil, luxuriously scented candles, lotions, and a foot massager! Sounds like a spa treatment in a basket, doesn't it? Better yet, this basket comes with an option to theme it for a female recipient or a male. Will you have a girly pamper basket, or a manly relaxation basket? Take your pick!

Last but not least, we cannot go through a dispatch blog without mentioning at least one birthday themed basket. This time, we have the All Things Nice Birthday basket.

All Things Nice Birthday All Things Nice Birthday

True to its name, it contains all things nice that you would need to celebrate your birthday. From marshmallows, to a birthday party in a tin. Then there are muffins, cupcakes, chocolate buttons etc. Also note the chatter dog soft toy in the middle. It barks when you press him and is bound to bring a smile to anybody's face - young and old.


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