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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Hampers 25.06.15

I feel as if I haven't written a blog post in a long while, even though it was only last week. I guess Father's Day had us really busy so it felt like we did lots of things despite it only being a week ago.

I'm going to start off today's daily dispatch post by showing you this little cutie:

Hoagie Peeking OutI opened up the first hamper and that was the first thing I saw. Hoagie, peeking out amongst the hamper shred and looking as content as can be. Just look at him! He looked like it was the most natural thing to open the hamper and find him. Now you may be wondering, there is actually a hamper with Hoagie in it?

Actually, there isn't. this hamper was created by a customer using our Create Your Own Gift Basket service to be delivered to themselves in Norwich.

802960 CYO

It contains chocolate goodies, a silk rose, Hoagie and also an I Love You balloon too. We think it's  a romantic gift to a special someone. What do you think?

Next I found these two handsome orders sitting there, looking picture perfect.

Bronzes2The left hamper is going to Carlow in Ireland to celebrate Elaine's parent's anniversary. The hamper on the right would be going to Donington-on-Bain to show support for a friend.

I had mentioned that depending on who assembled the hampers and baskets, they turn out different. You can definitely see the difference today with these two Great Taste Award Bronzes. One warehouse staff decided it was more appealing to have the snackingham on top and another wants to show off our new product, the Baci di Dama biscuits. Regardless of which way it's pack, I am sure you all agree with me in that they both look stunning and ready for very grateful and eager hands and tums.

The last hamper I chose to feature today was from an order that I myself had taken over the phone yesterday. The customer called earlier in the week for suggestions for what to send a care home which had been taking care of her father. She had called again yesterday to place the order and I was the one who had answered her call.

724905 Neue BrunswickThis is the Neue Brunswick hamper and it is positively massive. The hamper is the largest in our team-sharing range and it was designed to feed 12 hungry people, or up to 16 recipients if they are willing to share more out the treats more fairly. It is very popular throughout the year for sending to companies and offices where employees and staff could all have a bite during their tea break - it even comes with teabags! Sounds like an afternoon treat right up my alley.


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