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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Hampers 09.06.15

Who would have thought there would be a day where I would cover gift hampers as the last post of my daily dispatch writing? I wouldn't have thought so. It had always been Fruits and Flowers which are the last to be written about because the fresh fruit usually do not arrive until midday. Today's feature hampers though are truly magnificent so I guess I was effectively saving the best to the last in post writing?

The first hamper I chose to take a look at was the What's Yours is Mine hamper.

What's Yours Is Mine What's Yours Is Mine

This was a wedding/anniversary hamper designed last summer when we were experiencing a summer wedding gift basket boom. It's contains a selection of food which we thought were perfect to fight over... ahem... er.. share. And also comes with a luxury anniversary card instead of our standard complimentary gift cards. I always liked looking at the anniversary cards. They always look so elegant and pretty without being too cheesy and over the top. This particular hamper was ordered by Caroline in Belfast. Its recipient is her mum and dad in Coleraine, Northern Ireland. They are actually celebrating their 40th Wedding Anniversary! By the sounds of the gift card message, it sounds like a 'wild party' is in the works for this special day too. Happy Anniversary Caroline's mum and dad!

Then, I want to feature a hamper order that is currently being handled by our Irish division.

This is a Great Taste Award Supreme Platinum Extra hamper. It's actually one of our Christmas hampers and was advertised with Christmas only stock. Usually, we keep these hamper ranges online but kept within our Christmas section, this way for those really early planners or corporate customers could have a look and maybe consider something akin to them as a Christmas gift. They are usually clearly marked as Out Of Stock because the Christmas only items are not in supply for the rest of the year. Somehow though, our system randomly decided to uncheck one of the hampers from the Out of Stock listing and a customer really liked it and made an order! As we do not have the Christmas products, we asked if he would mind if we changed the items and he had no problem with the idea at all.

The last hamper of the day was an ordered placed around lunch time. I was particularly mindful of it as it mades its way to the warehouse for assembly. Why? Because the gift card message was so nice!

The Extra Tasteful gift Basket The Extra Tasteful Gift Basket

It was an Extra Tasteful Gift Basket, ordered by Niamh in Dublin and for a veterinary clinic in Clonsilla. The message thanks the clinic's staff for everything they had done for Niamh's cat and for looking after him while they were away. I had never thought of sending a gift baskets to my cat's vet before. Now this might be an idea to think about...

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