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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Hampers 08.06.15

Warning! Warning! We are two daily dispatch bloggers down! Alert! Alert! Scratch that, by the end of the week, we would be THREE bloggers down! Requesting for backup! Lynne had been summoned!

So first we have Andrea away to the sunny fair country of Portugal - we hope now that Rowan is a little older, he will avoid eating sand! Then last Friday, Victoria had jetted off to Mallorca where she has high hopes of returning from nicely bronzed - we wish you luck! And then Laura would be taking a day off later on in the week as well. So that is Monday, Wednesday and Friday blogging slots left dispatcher-less. Fear not though! We had summoned Lynne, who with her literary prowess will be taking one of the days (we're thinking Wednesday but it might shuffle around, who knows)

That leaves myself doing an extra shift today and Roma maybe taking another day as well as her usual Tuesday. All else fails, I have no qualms about taking on a third day of blogging because I do love to go out there and take pictures then talking on about them.

Onto the first hamper picture of the day! Quite unlike my usual day, Thursday, where sometimes it's struggle to find a third hamper to talk about, Monday has more than enough hampers who are willing to be my photography models.

First, we have the Great Taste Award Bronze.

Great Taste Award Bronze Great Taste Award Bronze

The first thing I noticed when I opened this hamper was that there were two packets of Graces Shortbread staring up at me. Now this was odd, I thought. It is rather rare for us to put two of the same products in the same hamper, but before I could vocally raise the question, I caught sight of a sign posted up.


Aha! Mystery solved! So that's why there were extra shortbread in the hamper! I highly doubt anybody would complain about getting two of the same packet of shortbread, because once you bite into one and feel the buttery crumbs literally melt in your mouth, you would be very quick to determine that one packet was NOT enough. Honestly, the single time I brought this product home to my family, it disappeared even faster than the chocolate did!

Then, moving along, we have another Great Taste Award hamper. It's the Great Taste Award Gold!

Great Taste Award Gold Great Taste Award Gold

This Gold hamper is leaving us under the orders of Rebecca who is in China. It is being sent with lots of hugs in the gift card message and will be arriving in Andrew's home in London.

I also want to take this opportunity to ramble on about my own photography these hampers. In the past, I opened the lid of the hamper, remove the protective shred at the top and would start digging through the contents so that I can take a picture with as many products on display as possible. Naturally, whilst the picture would look better, it meant I am then faced with the very, VERY difficult puzzle of trying to jigsaw nudge each product back into the position they were originally.

More often than not, I somehow succeed, but occasionally, I would fail so badly (like in a previous post) that I would send Katarzya my best apologetic 'please help this useless hamper packer' look. I am fairly sure the warehouse team had become very tired of me destroying their work and forcing them to redo it again. So I had started to use a workaround! Rather than be pulling things OUT of the hamper, I only rearrange the top layer of products in the hamper - these are always the easiest to put back in place. Then I run around our stock and grab products of the shelf to put it in the picture. This way, all the neatly packed items stay packed and I still get my pictures with lots of products! Win-win, I say!

Enough about me rambling now, Let's get back to business.

The final hamper I chose for today's dispatch feature is the Gourmande Irlandais hamper which is currently being handled by our Ireland branch.

Gourmande Irlandais Gourmande Irlandais

They had helpfully enclosed a picture of it and had told us that it was ordered by a customer in London, for a recipient in Portavogie, Northern Ireland. My parents love going up their to buy seafood, or dine in one of their scrumptious restaurants. Speaking of which, my sister's birthday will be coming up at the end of this month and she had given explicit instructions that she wants seafood for dinner that day. Sounds like a trip for my parents again!

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