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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 25.06.15

I had a small panic with the gift baskets earlier. Why? Well, I was actually so busy with working on compiling the nutritional values of all out products (more on that in a later post -promise!) that I had forgotten to run out to take photos! By the time I remember, Pawel had started boxing already and I was several orders short of what I could have got if I came out one hour earlier.

Thankfully, there was still a wonderful selection still out and looking gorgeous.

We have a lot of birthday baskets for mummies heading out today, and this one stood out amongst those being dispatched.

724924 Special MumThis Special Grandma/Nana/Mum Basket was ordered by a customer in New Zealand and it's going to a special mum in Sudbury as a 60th Birthday gift. This basket is comes with an option to theme it with a mug to show what relation the recipient is with you. There is a Grandma mug, a Mum mug and a rather elusive Nana mug which you don't find everywhere. Show your Grandma, Nana or Mum how special they are by choosing the right mug to warm their hearts like a cup of tea would.

Next, a gift baskets posts would not be complete without a mention of a baby basket or two. Here we have a Le Petit Organic Basket for a baby boy.

724929 Le PetitIt was ordered by Gnanenthiran (oh dear, I would have difficulties pronouncing that one!) in Colombo, Sri Lanka to welcome the arrival of a new bundle of joy in Coulsdon, UK. The little animal comfort blanket is a bit different from the description online but I can vouch that this little froggie one is just as snuggly and comforting at the duck one. It makes me wish they do these in adult sizes so that we could all have something quite as soft to snuggle with in bed during winter.

Last but not least of our featured baskets today, we have the ever popular Deserving Treats Gift Basket

724922 Deserving TreatsThere was actually no gift card message included with this order, and it was also going to the purchaser's address as well. We do have customers who order to themselves often but our staff do like to double check just in case.

This basket is actually going to be delivered to Wales, and I remember that the specific area used to be part of our remote area list and it used to be a bit more expensive to send to. Our remote areas lists gets updated each time the couriers provides us with new listings and you'd be glad to know that the list had been slowly growing smaller each year as the courier open up new depots in various locations over time. This is good because it means our gifts wouldn't take quite as long to get to these locations anymore as temote area deliveries can sometimes take up to 3-4 days! Definitely not very suitable if you want to send something perishable like fruit and salmon.

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