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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 09.06.15

Okay, I was pretty much spoilt for choice today when it came to gift baskets to feature. Should I feature this gorgeous chocolate one, that yummy baked goods one, those two colourful baby baskets or that there beautiful pamper basket? Decisions, decisions. In the end, I figured that I had covered enough chocolate and baked goods baskets for a while and could do a day of dispatch without them. Onwards to the pamper and baby baskets then!

Our first basket is the Post Pregnancy Pamper gift basket.

Post Pregnancy Pamper Basket Post Pregnancy Pamper Basket

We understand that the days just after the arrival of a new member of the family could be stressful and difficult. Our team designed this basket as a perfect pick me up for new mummies. It comes with a magazine, chocolates, a cute mug and also pamper gift box from Natalia which contains bath soak, miracle balm and bath scrub. I told my cousin about this basket the other week and she said she wished somebody told her about this kind of basket when she was having her baby; because then she would hint-hint-nudge-nudge friends and family to get it for her.

Speaking of pamper items, check out this golden pressie:

Golden Touch Golden Touch

This Golden Touch basket is heading off to New Malden, sent by Bronagh, Dave and Aaron in Ballinasloe.

I am actually very proud of this picture. It almost looked like the basket was floating on the worktop and that the lighting was juuuuuust right. In actual fact, neither are true. The basket was propped up by a spool of ribbon and the lighting was far from right. In fact, the lighting in the packaging area of the warehouse are a bit of a hit or miss. I, for one, cannot seem to be able to get the light above my photography spot in there to work. It's a motion sensor light but no matter how much I wave my arms and kick up a fuss, it refused to brighten up. Usually I have to wait until Pawel strolls along, does some kind of magic and voila, light! Not today, Pawel was too busy. I had to rely entirely on the natural light streaming in the limited windows of the warehouse. Somehow, the clouds must have cleared, and I got this sudden stroke of goof lighting. Needless to say, I went snap-happy.

Then the bright moment was over, I was left with not as pretty lighting anymore. So I nosied over to see what Pawel was doing and was hoping to maybe get him to get the light on for me. I very quickly scrapped that idea though. Because the basket he was working on was definitely more attractive than trying to figure out how to work a motion sensor lightbulb.

Construction Kid Construction Kid

It's a Construction Kid gift basket but the customer included something in the comments of their order. This gift, ordered by a primary school in Cheltenham, would be delivered to the Pediatric Unit in one of London's hospital to a poorly boy, and the comments says that little Ben actually have a very bad nut allergy! Away went the chocolate pizza slice! In goes.... something. We haven't yet figured out what at this point and was still consulting both the customer and also on our own allergy information stock system for alternatives Ben might prefer. But I think the basket looked cute enough as it is with the extra balloon and bear the customer ordered.

Remember, if you are planning to send a basket to somebody with allergies, please let us know either by phone, email or in your order's comments section. That way, we can doubly ensure the basket's contents would be allergen free for you.



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