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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 08.06.15

Because I was a bit slow in taking the pictures of the hampers today, I had actually unfortunately missed a few gift baskets. As by the time I turned around from the hampers, Katarzya had already cellophane wrapped at least four baskets! That girl works very fast when it comes to cellophane and shrink wrapping, and it's amazing to watch sometimes. We try not to take pictures of baskets when they had been wrapped as the pictures just come out too shiny as the lighting in the warehouse bounces off the clear plastic wrap. It makes it difficult to see the contents of a basket when white light patches are covering it in the photo.

So, working just as quick, I grabbed a few choice gift baskets off the table and squirreled them away to the worktop I was photographing at before Katarzya had a chance to reach them.

The first basket I pinched from her hands was the Sugar Sweet Birthday Basket which is heading off to Eric in London.

 Sugar Sweet Birthday Sugar Sweet Birthday

The basket's online description is as follows: Do you know someone who is just sugary sweet and so deserves a chocolatey treat or 2 or 3 or....? Then this is the birthday basket for them, a guaranteed sugar rush!

Oh my, that sounds like a perfect hamper for me! It contains a divine chocolate cake, fabulous cupcakes and muffins, marshmallows, chocolates, sweeties and a small Birthday Party in a Tin set. I think the only thing that is missing from this basket is a place to hide in so that nobody could find you then you don't have to share it!

As I said, Katarzya had managed to wrap some of the gift baskets already and some of which were baby baskets. For about two grand minutes, I was panicking over there not being a baby basket for feature in today's post. Not that we must have a baby basket per post, but that it gives it a bit of variety, not to mention they are always positively adorable looking. Thankfully, I peeked around the corner and say this colourful masterpiece sitting on the bench.

Bright Beginnings Bright Beginnings

Without further ado, I had ran in, pulled the basket off the bench and pulled it back to what I now dub 'My Photography Corner' where I am out of people's way and it also have a good balance of natural light as well as er... normal ceiling lights? This Bright Beginnings gift basket was ordered by Dawn in Victoria, Australia and will be delivered to Mario in London. Dawn wish to welcome their newest addition to the family and also detailed on how it might not be easy but the journey would be 'filled with the purest of joy, fulfilment and love.'

Then last but not least, I took one look at the next basket and was rather confused as it does not look like any baskets we have in our range.

Customer Created Basket Customer Created Basket

One look at the Order ID and I was 'Aha! A customer creation! No wonder I can't name it!' I fully admit that I love seeing baskets made from our Create Your Own Gift Basket side of the business. They are always unique and there is nothing quite as heart-warming as building and sending a gift with each product picked out by you.

This one contains some items I haven't seen very much of in our baskets, namely the Evening Primrose Foam Bath and the Scratchi Back Scratcher. I even took them out and took a separate picture of them with the Tingli Head Massager.

802926 Pamper items CLOSE UP

Thinking that the picture could do with another product to add a bit of dimension, I opened the candle and placed it in front of the above products as well. Whoosh! That candle! It was Blueberry Muffin scented and I think it was incorrectly named. There should definitely be the word 'Heaven' after Blueberry Muffin. It was gorgeous! I want one lit beside my desk now!

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