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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flowers 09.06.15

Why hello again! It's Kate writing today's blog again! Woohoo! As mentioned before, we are currently two bloggers down, and whilst today was suppose to be Roma's official turn, she is a little too bogged down with processing orders to work on blog posts. And I am only too happy to volunteer! Any reason to get out of the office and look at yummy baskets of food, right? That being said, my own work seems like it would be a bit slow this week but there's no rush to them - at least not yet.

For once in my writing of the dispatch blogs, all the fruit baskets were already made up by the time I got out to take the pictures! Which meant that I can actually start working on their post earlier than my usual 4pm! Hurrah! So without further ado, since this is such a rare occasion for me, I decided to start off with the Fruit & Flowers blog post instead of my usual Gift Hampers one. Do keep an eye out for the Gift Hampers one though; we have some really impressive ones going today!

Onto the beautiful fruits now.

I'm not sure if it was influenced by my post about it yesterday or not, but we have another Floral and Fruit Gift Basket leaving us today.

Floral & Fruit Gift Basket Floral & Fruit Gift Basket

Who knows, maybe somebody out there saw my post, figured the basket was perfect, that my description was top notch and decided they simply must get one for themselves. Probably not likely to be so but hey, I can dream, no? This one though, was ordered by a lady customer in North Carolina, United States and the delivery address is actually in the same area as our Head Office in Northern Ireland. We're currently trying to see if a staff member lives near there and could drop the gift round, but it seems they're all rather busy so it might have to be sent with courier service after all.

Our next featured basket is the Fruit Oasis basket.

Fruit Oasis Fruit Oasis

It is such a vibrant basket! With a large assortment of fruit too. From apples, to melon, to pineapple, grapes, coconut, clementines, plums etc. I don't know about you but I always think seeing a pineapple in a basket definitely adds to the wow factor of our baskets. It makes it look so enticing and tropical. I feel healthier just looking at it, and I hope the recipient, a lady in Woking who is currently under the weather, would feel better seeing and tasting it as well.

The last feature basket of the day is actually a trio of baskets. It's the Passionate Fruit Variety!

Passionate Fruit Variety Passionate Fruit Variety

This basket is currently in our sale section and is proving very popular as a gift to send to female recipients. These three are being sent as a birthday gift, a thank you gift and one is to 'the best boss we could ever wish for'. The last of which is also going to a college in Lampeter. Hmm, we wonder if it's to the headmaster?



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